Skull Pyjama Pants

Merry meet all,

I just sewed a pair of awesome spooky Pyjama pants. I love them. It was so easy and so much fun to make I had to share it with you. It is so easy to do. You can do it in one day or in a few days. 

I borrowed a pattern from my Mom. Her pattern was so simple. But there is the problem. It’s not really all that simple. Since I had a skull print on the fabric, I wanted to ensure the direction of the print was correct. I laid out the fabric on my kitchen table. I made sure the direction of the skulls was in unison. The skulls go down the pants not up. I hope I explained that clearly. I have included a photo of the skull Pyjama pants. Maybe that will help. 

Then I cut out 4 pieces on the selvage. I had 4 pieces of fabric. Then I stitched them together – the inside of the legs. I used a straight stitch. Then I sewed the crotch area. I reinforced the stitches. That means I stitched twice to strengthen the stitches so they don’t unravel. Then I sewed the front and back sides together. I tried the pants on. Yay they fit! When I was sure that they fit, I proceeded to the next step. 

I did a finishing stitch on the seam allowances of the pant legs. I did a long nice zigzag stitch. That prevents the fabric from fraying. But I hit a snag. There is always a snag when sewing. I needed to set the sewing machine to the right settings to do a zigzag stitch. I had to watch the tutorial on how to do that again. 

I pinned down an inch or two of fabric at the waistline. I did that to make sure I had enough of a casing for the elastic. I pinned the bottom hems of both legs of the pants. Then I stitched the pant hems. I stitched again to strengthen the stitch. I then sewed the casing for the waistline. I worked in the elastic using a safety pin. I looked in the mirror and armed with chalk- and securing the elastic in my fingers, I measured how much elastic I needed. Always have more elastic at hand than you plan to use. You are always better off using more than less. You cannot compromise on this step. Or it will never fit you properly. I also tested my pants for fit by sitting down in the pants to see if they truly fit me and do a few stretches. When I was sure they fit, I stitched the ends of the elastic, tucked it in the hole and stitched the hole closed. I wore the  pants for a moment. Yup they felt good. I was so happy. It was so easy to do. 

Just like the elastic, I encourage any of you who are eager to try this to have more fabric than you need. It is o easy to err when sewing. Always err on the side of caution. If you are using a print like mine, decide how you want the print to go. The skull print goes down the pants on both sides- front and back. This is in unison or consistent. It makes it look store bought. 

Now I have an awesome affordable cool pair of Pyjama pants to wear with my diabolical dark lord slippers. !! I love how they turned out. Paying attention to the details ensure a beautiful garment in the end. It is easy to have problems as you are sewing such as the elastic twisting in the casing, not enough elastic or fabric or running out of thread. Taking care of those tiny details ahead of time saves you the trip to the fabric store in the rain- when you could have been sewing. 

When you sew the zigzag stitch, be neat and clean. Sew it next to the straight stitch or on it. The point of the zigzag stitch is to prevent fraying. If you look carefully at a garment in your wardrobe, you might just see a zigzag seam on your clothes. It will be found on the inside of your garment. Look even closer and you can see how neatly it is done. Yup that is what I am talking about. You can adjust the stitch to be wide or a narrow zigzag stitch. Try not to sew the zigzag stitch outside or far from the seam allowance. Sew it on the seam allowance, inside the seam allowance. It will look neater that way. If you think you can do it, a smaller seam allowance leaves you more fabric. It may help the pants fit you better. 

Remember this maxim when sewing: Measure twice, cut once. I can’t emphasize that enough. It is so true. When you hem the pants, you don’t always have to do a narrow hem. I didn’t. I just folded up the hem on the inside of the pants an inch or two. I secured the fabric with pins then sewed it. I did it twice to ensure it would not come undone. The fabric I used can unravel easily. I had to be careful. The stitches show on the right side of the fabric. But I took the extra time to make the seams neat. I can see it but I don’t know if others can. There are so many black lines on the print it may not be visible to everyone. 

That is how you sew your own pjs! It is so easy to do. Most fabric stores carry fabric patterns. It certainly is a cheap way to make a pair of pyjama pants. I love mine. It’s even better that I can wear my Dark Lord slippers with them. I ordered the slippers from Killstar. But I didn’t plan to pay for shipping and handling for pjs- not when I made mine look that cook! I also plan to set in a black tie or ribbon for the pj pants. That will be the finishing touch! 

Does this inspire you to sew your own pyjama pants? I hope so. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Lights out Podcast


Merry meet all,

I have been listening to the Lights Out Podcast lately. Never listen to it just before going to sleep. It’s so scary it will give you nightmares. But I love the show. The guy who narrates it has such a soothing voice. The story about the alien abductions rattled me to my core. Here is the link to their YouTube page. I totally recommend lending an ear to these guys. They are amazing! They retell famous or should I say, notorious paranormal tales on their show.

The latest podcast I listened to was about the demonic possession of Annelise Michel. It was so scary. I enjoyed it but the whole podcast story was very long. They even replayed a recording of the exorcism that was performed on her. A total of over 60 exorcisms was performed on her. She weighted under seventy pounds before she died. The poor woman. I can’t imagine what she endured.

The Lights out Podcast is led by the host Josh who has the ideal voice for podcasting. His brother/fellow producer joins him on the show each time. They are so nice and professional. And scary. Josh can really tell a scary tale. After I finished watching the Manhattan Alien Abduction podcast about the alien adduction, I was convinced aliens would get me. I had to call someone to calm down. I closed all the curtains and I ensured my wooden staff was by my bed. 

Lights out Podcast has a total of 242 subscribers. Here is a description of their podcast: 


“Lights out everybody, turn everything off, sit back and relax while your mind is taken on a dark and twisted journey filled with thrills and chills. Each week Josh will take you through a dark story, case or event involving a wide range of topics including the occult, hauntings, cryptids, alien abductions, serial killers and demonic possession. So if you’re looking for a chill creepy paranormal and true crime podcast to escape with look no further than Lights Out. New episodes released every Friday, make sure you subscribe and follow the show on social media @lightsoutcast”

Credit given to Lights Out Podcast. 

I plan to enjoy almost every show. Some of them don’t interest me. Some of the podcasts do. I am definitely following them on Twitter! 

In other news, I am happy to announce that Polar Borealis is publishing two of my poems in their magazine. I am so happy about this. I will know more in the future about when the magazine prints my poems. Polar Borealis is a Canadian publication.  Exciting news!

Ostara arrived with a blustery grey day. I have not left the house all day. The sky hangs low. Stinging snow and ice pellets batter the ground and trees. The sidewalks are icy and slippery. I am staying indoors! I would be risking life and limb to venture outdoors. That’s how it is in the Maritimes. Winter isn’t going down without a fight!

April showers bring May flowers! 

Blessed be, Spiderwitch



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Spirit Boxes

Merry meet all,

I just received my new Spirit Box in the mail. I am so excited! I watched a tutorial on Youtube about how to operate it. I already own an EMF detector. I am eager to begin detecting spirits in my home or in haunted areas of Halifax. We have the Civil war here, the Titanic victims and the victims of the Halifax Explosion here. You can all then understand my enthusiasm. 

A Spirit box is a paranormal research device. It uses a radio with a frequency scan code meant to rapidly sweep the frequency  channels of radio stations creating a white noise effect. This allows spirits to affect the white noise and communicate through it. Clear sounds can be caught while the device scans a multitude of radio stations. The faster the sweep, the clearer the sounds are. 

If you hear a robotic voice answer your questions, congrats, that is the spirit talking. Here are some questions to ask that are effective in getting responses:

  • Are you here?
  • Is there anyone here?
  • Where are you?
  • How old/young are you?
  • What do you want?
  • Show yourself
  • Give us a sign
  • Talk to me/us
  • Open a door
  • Turn on/off the light

I plan to attempt communicating with spirits using my Spirit box and my K-II EMF meter. This shall be fun. I will also jot my sessions in my Book of Shadows. Just like when using a pendulum, keep the questions easy to answer. It shows a respect for the spirits. It is unwise to ever disrespect the spirits. If you don’t believe me, then ask Zac Bagans why he wears prism glasses now and for the rest of his life. 

On a side-note  I worry about Zac. He can’t die. He has to not die. I say this because the spirits that he provoked or angered now will recognize him when he finally crosses over. I hope they don’t do terrible things to him. I will never know of course, but I still worry. 

I bought my Spirit box from I live in Atlantic Canada but it was shipped to me so fast. Wow. Spirit boxes are available on Amazon and other sites if you are interested in attempting your own spirit communication. I highly encourage you to do so. Paranormal devices are so widely available now. Move over, Ghostbusters. The devices are now found in many homes in North America. We can all do research on our own these days.  

I shall have fun investigating my own very haunted hometown. The window that steadfastly remains haunted no matter how many times it is replaced, the haunted 5 Fishermen restaurant, the Halifax Explosion, the harbour front. Oh I can’t wait to get started. 

And that’s a good thing! It’s paranormal groups like Ghost Adventures that has made this possible for people who seek their own spooky fun in investigations. I have covered some of those groups on this blog. The future looks bright – and spooky for those with a passion for the paranormal – like me! My cat is my assistant. She’s napping on her cat bed right now. She is so darn cute!

Use caution and common sense. You cannot assume that every sound that comes out of a Spirit box though is a ghost. Learn when you get a false positive and what can be debunked. If you hear footsteps and your team member is just walking up behind you, or there’s a draft that causes a door to open, it could just have a rational explanation. Be skeptical until you rule out all causes. Then you have to accept the unexplainable. 

Remember: Never summon what you can’t banish!

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Pagan Witch Fired for her Beliefs )O(

Merry meet all,

Have you all heard the bad news? A woman was fired from a bread bakery just for being Pagan! That poor woman. Read all about it here!

While perusing a friend’s social media feed I noticed a headline reading, “Pagan Woman Sues Pleasant Hills Panera Over Religious Discrimination.” Well, I thought, that is curious. So I read the story. And then I did a Google search and found more stories about this woman’s lawsuit. And that got me thinking about how TikTok Witches are experiencing targeted discrimination.

Naturally, my next thought went to a conversation in the 3 Pagans and a Cat Facebook Group regarding Etsy’s deletion of anything smacking of witchcraft or the Square app’s removal of Pagan or Witchcraft-related businesses for selling occult items. Paganism and Witchcraft remain on the rise in America. Seems like some folks are not too happy about it.

Image by DesertRose via

So, You’re a Pagan?

In the news reports, (and a post by The Friendly Athiest — Hement Mehta), Tammy McCoy began working as a baker for Panera Bread in October 2019. Presumably, she had good reviews, experienced no problems, and never asked for special consideration. Indeed, according to Ms. McCoy, she never discussed her religion with colleagues while at work considering it to be a private matter.

Here is a snippet from the Trib Live article by Paula Reed Ward, based on the court filing:

“On May 29, while McCoy was outside taking a break, according to the complaint, assistant general manager Kerri Ann Show said she was Christian and then asked McCoy, “what religion are you?”

McCoy, who was surprised by the question but answered because Show was her supervisor, responded, “I’m Pagan,” the lawsuit said.

“Show made a face and immediately said, ‘You’re going to hell,’ ” the lawsuit said.

The general manager, Lori Dubs, who was standing nearby, “vigorously nodded her head in agreement, her facial expression indicating that she was upset with the plaintiff’s disclosure,” the lawsuit said.

McCoy did not want to argue with her supervisors, the complaint continued, and instead, said, “OK,” and walked away.”

Image by Iokov Filimonov via Standard license.

“Your hours are being cut until you find God.”

From there, the situation escalated. They cut McCoy’s work schedule. When asked, Show made it clear the reason revolved around McCoy’s religious preferences. According to the lawsuit, she continued to lose hours at work in various ways. Additionally, Show and Dubs made the environment hostile by saying things such as her “religion is false”, she “needs to believe in God”, and they were “praying for her.”

Ironic, that last one.

Finally, McCoy tried to take the matter up the chain to the District Manager, who ignored her complaint. When she attempted to contact Human Resources at the parent company, McCoy never heard back. Then the District Manager told McCoy (after taunting her about trying to call the higher-ups), to resign. Both McCoy and her husband (who also worked at the Pleasent Hills, Pennsylvania location) were terminated.

As we have all seen, there are plenty of people who are willing to bully, coerce, or threaten those who do not line up with their particular version of “rightness.” This includes minority groups, the LGBTQ community, and minority religious groups. But when it comes to Pagans, Witches, Heathens, Druids, etc., well, there is a reason why many remain in the “broom closet.” The above situation of losing a job because of Christian bigotry is one of those reasons.

Image by Fizkes via Standard license.

But freedom of religion and stuff…

I’ve said before that this is a great time to be a Witch. There are resources available from beginning to advanced thanks to social media, YouTube, and publishing companies. Our podcast is one of many to choose from discussing witchcraft and Pagan topics. We even have some celebrities among our ranks. Many of us live in places where we can wear our pentacles or “Hex the Patriarchy” t-shirts without a problem.

Paganism is growing in North America. And that is an awesome thing! But we should never grow complacent or forget that while Christianity is on the decline, its influence remains. There are many places in this country where you keep your witchcraft or paganism to yourself because it is in the “Bible Belt” or some other “Bastian of the faith.”

As Pagans, Witches, Heathen, Druids, et al., we are enjoying a time of unprecedented freedom of religious expression but never forget these liberties can be fleeting. Regardless of how our numbers grow, we remain outnumbered and our communities on the fringe.

Image by Africa Studio. Standard license.

Big companies making it harder to sell occult products.

Companies such as Etsy and Square that facilitate small business are making it harder for Pagans and Witches to operate. Why? I can only speculate. But Square, eBay, or Etsy have put restrictions on “occult” items being sold on their platforms. They claim to be protecting the public from scams (illegal activity). Some of these companies say it saves themselves from financial liability when customers complain about “the results” and want the money back.

But to add “occult items or services” to a list that includes hate speech and racism? The inclusion smacks of days not so long ago when the practice of witchcraft, mediumship, and divination was illegal. This is why “for entertainment purposes only” is added to descriptions for readings, crystals, or other items. However, this no longer seems to be enough.

Here is my concern.

If more companies put “occult services and items” into their terms and services as prohibited then what comes next? Straight up zero tolerance for Pagan or Witchcraft sellers? Will these small business owners be able to continue selling online at all? Or will they be relegated to festivals, farmer’s markets, and street fairs? What if those permits start being refused?

All of us who promote pagan or witchcraft-related content (blogs, books, videos, podcasts, products, services) or other “occult” topics know these services, activities, and items are tied to who we are as individuals, our practices, and spiritual beliefs. If it becomes the norm to “delete” our shops and videos (as on TikTok) then what? It’s a pretty effective way of stifling our voice and ability to operate within the marketplace if it continues.

Neighborhood Christians already make concerted efforts to close metaphysical shops when they open in retail locations. They have “protested” our festivals (when we could all still have public gatherings). Just makes me wonder how far emboldened people will push their agenda of “Christians only.” All one has to do is remember the previous administration, the fact half the country supported that mess, and how some people who believe “masks violate my freedom” have lashed out to get an idea.

Image by Feng Yu

Support A Fellow Pagan

I’m planning on lighting a spell candle on Tammy McCoy’s behalf for the successful outcome of her lawsuit. May the parent company, Panera Bread, Kerri Ann Show, Lori Dubs, and the District Manager be held accountable for their discriminatory actions. May Tammy McCoy be awarded full compensation for any emotional and financial injury caused by people and events leading up to her unjust treatment and firing.

And while I do not know if it will help, I will no longer support a restaurant chain that ignores its employees when they are trying to report religious persecution and harassment. They fired Tammy McCoy for being a Pagan. Straight up. So, no more Panera Bread for me. I stand in solidarity with my fellow Pagan. She should be able to do her job (where she kept her beliefs to herself) without being bullied by a Christian tag-team in positions of authority over her.

You know, we value our freedoms in this country. Religion is one of them. May we never allow this kind of persecution to go unchallenged.

Image by cottonbro via


In this article, I cited Etsy as having a policy that includes shutting down Witch/Pagan/Occult stores. A reader let me know this is a past problem. Digging deeper I discovered the issue is from 2015. Resolution seems to have been found (which makes me happy as I support a lot of Etsy shops and purchase things there).”

Credit given to 3 Pagans and a Cat website:

This is an outrage but nothing new. We have been the victims of needless persecution since the dawn of time. I hope she sues and earns millions. My heart goes out to her. It’s outrageous that this still happens in this day and age though. This crime, and it is a crime, proves there is still plenty of belligerent ignorance against Witches and Pagans. I knew long ago that we would never be accepted but I also believe that we should never give up. Ever. 

Please make this story go viral. I have posted this on this blog, Facebook and Twitter. Together, we can make a difference. 

Blessed be, Spiderwitch

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Haunted or not haunted?

Merry meet all,

I cleaned my broom closet this week. The closet desperately needed to be cleaned. I didn’t clean the closet floor in months. I thought I smelled something off, like a dead mouse. Turned out to not be the case. I removed everything- by that I mean, lots of cloth bags, the recycling bin, the 2 glass cloches, a lamp, tote bins, plastic boxes, a big heavy bookcase, a tall plastic stand with clear plastic drawers. I was quite tired after all that heavy lifting. I swept and mopped the floor then sorted through it all. I returned everything but the bookcase and the junk/ trash to the closet. Now I have more room and order. My Mom has the bookcase which I took to her apt today via cab. She also has the old laptop, keyboard, charger and mouse. My whole place is more organized and clean. I love it!! I emptied a tote bin of ancient belongings I don’t care about. 

I believed for a long time that my closet was haunted. But I spoke with a guy I know after showing him a photo of my closet. He believes there is nothing nefarious down there. He thinks the broom closet just has trapped energy that is hemmed in and can’t move. I hung a pentacle and gemstones in a pouch down there. I used salt and sage in the closet. My EMF meter would glow too. It lit. up. Then I was forced to debunk my theory about the EMF meter when I realized that it lit up because of the power box, not spooks being the cause. 

That said, a power box is not usually a reason for why I feel followed as I climb the steps up to the main floor. I show photos of my broom closet to mediums and psychics and they believe that there is something – a spirit, an earthbound ghost in the closet. Some people have gone far enough to tell me they think there is a demon down there. I don’t believe that. I am willing to believe there is a spirit but it is not demonic. Here’s why.

The energy is contained, hemmed in. A demon cannot be trapped. A demon will likely go anywhere it damn well pleases. The energy is contained and has been that way all the time I have lived there. If you think this through, it really makes no sense. Not all spirits or ghosts, forerunners etc are demons.  If you ever have a demon in your home, you would know it. They are like insects, they make themselves known. So I don’t believe it is a demon. My cat sits down there and she is calm. If you do have a demon,  your cat will hide under the bed and never come out, no matter how much you coax it. Animals are exceedingly attuned to energies and far more psychic than we are. So if she is calm, I am calm. 

Some nights I see the spirit always in that one spot, practically staring back at me. Other times, it is not there and everything feels calm. Some people are quick to conclude it must be a demon. They never take the time to think it through. I just watched a little part of Ghost Adventures. This woman claimed that her home was haunted by a nasty – ok nasty-demon. She had moved to stay with a relative. Bad move there. The entity was then free to do as it willed. It didn’t sense a threat. She also took people in who had serious mental problems and had severe addictions. What a dumb woman. I am talking heroin addicts. Again, bad move. I mean she was dumb. My mother took boarders in but she screened them and made them give her glowing references. No heroin addict is going to have a clear record or give a glowing reference. Then she wonders why she has such serious issues. There was no demon, she just had serious issues. My mother would never have taken in a heroin addict. I wonder what that woman was thinking. It’s clear she wasn’t thinking. I have seen  a shadow person in my home but I think that something more serious was going on there. 

I think they were wasting their time. But they are clearly as gullible as her. Most people want something to cry about. I can give an example here. These people for whatever reason- and don’t ever do this in your home- nailed ouija boards to the walls of the building. I would NEVER do that. Ever. This one tenant then claimed that a demon had infested itself to the building. However, when I entered to offer help to the guy, I did feel a nasty energy there. The very second I entered, I felt it. It hit me like a huge wave. So perhaps there was something in there. But I found his later claims hard to believe. I needed to see it to believe it. But then I am that way about everything. I am impatient and stubborn and not so gullible. 

That woman I mentioned above would just be fair game for a bad entity. I felt bad about how she found her husband lying dead. Ouch. Entities can prey on a person feeling vulnerable. She was operating on a much lower vibration. Entities can sense that. It is a beacon to them. Oh yes they do pick up on that. It is like the glow from the lighthouse for ships that have to make port. That shines very bright to them and it is irresistible. If something did haunt her to wreak havoc in her life, it found her signal. I would taste bad to an entity because I know how to shield myself. She still deserves a hug. 

I have studied psychic development and psychic shielding. I am a much harder target for a nasty entity to feed off of. I wish that woman had studied what I did and knew what I know. She would be much happier and if she used her brains, not let heroin addicts move in. I mean C’mon. That only leads to problems. I hope she works everything out in her life. Then her vibration will be higher. 

Witchcraft is shrouded in mystery. We were and are persecuted. It is not what people think. People only see what they want to see, not the facts. That woman in the show is a perfect example. She saw what she wanted to see: oh my god my home is overrun by demons. Well maybe. Lots of bad stuff was happening which would draw them to her. But if Witches are so bad, which isn’t true, then why are we the ones who know how to psychically shield ourselves from such negativity? Again, the endless and needless persecution. If people used their brains and learned how to shield themselves, they would be faring much better in life- but Ghost Adventures would be out of work,. People need to believe they are being attacked to get to appear on the notorious show. Heck, the ghost hunters don’t even shield themselves. They let themselves get affected. Oh it’s proof. It seems sadistic to me. 

But again, it comes back to the mystery. I believe- and this is just me, that everyone on earth is entitled to learn how to psychically shield themselves. Everyone. I wish it was more common knowledge. Then if there were nasty entities hanging around, the entities would find themselves faced with a challenge. Unfortunately, that is not the case. That’s sad. You don’t need to be a Witch to study psychic development. It would benefit people in many ways, some of which are mentioned in this post. I hope that more people do get the chance to study psychic development. It is a natural thing to do and it takes a bit of hard work, but the payoffs are amazing. It’s the difference between a friend handing you $5 or the lottery jackpot. Don’t you want the jackpot? I do. They would have to let go of their temptation to stigmatize psychic development and witchcraft. As if that would ever happen. 

I don’t believe that my broom closet is haunted by a demon. It could be haunted or it more likely is just trapped energy. I did sprinkle holy water in it which did help. It has not harmed me so it is not that nefarious. Until something nasty happens, and I may be waiting a long time for that, I will just chill. 

I am more qualified than most to conjure spirits. As I have demonstrated above, I am more practical and psychically trained. I have been trained in mediumship, psychic development and psychic shielding. I have done a lot of meditation work, trance work, visualization, etc. I would never nail an ouija board to my walls or use an ouija board in a warehouse at midnight for shits and giggles. I take it seriously. When you don’t respect it, that is when you have problems. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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The Zozo Phenomenon

Merry meet all,

I just read the book The Zozo Phenomenon. It was a very good book if not far fetched in parts. I don’t believe all the hype but it was a good book overall. I do believe that people can convince themselves that something exists.There is a fine line between what is real and what is fake. In one section of the book during a paranormal investigation, the wife of Darren Evans enters the house and claims to be sexually assaulted by Zozo. She is not dressed well but seems oddly calm, acting like she is drugged even ( she probably was) and her husband takes it very calmly. Excuse me, if my husband sees me or hears me say I was sexually assaulted, I would expect him to be behaving way more damn concerned. Instead, he continues with the investigation with Ghost Adventures.  I would divorce him on the spot. He just goes outside and finds her at a hotel and leaves her there. What an asshole! That right there tells me it was fake. She desperately wanted attention. If I was assaulted by a far fetched demon no less, I would expect more done about it and I would not be behaving that calmly. 

The power of suggestion is powerful. I suspect that is what is occurring here in the book. I don’t believe the Slender Man exists either. People start a story and it goes viral. But on the other hand, I have had actual paranormal things happen to me. But I never looked for it or forced it to happen. It just did. I had no control over it. But people do have control over what they choose to believe exists. I have used ouija boards and nothing happened- at all. That may be because I was alone. I am sure the boards function better with two people. So no a demon didn’t pop out and possess me. 

I am skeptical that that demon exists. The people who want to believe he is real search for any explanation or story that he exists and then that should make it so that it does. Sheesh. If anyone has a genuine occurrence that they never forced to occur, then yeah I would believe that person. 

I know a guy who is a Witch and has discussed demonic possession with a priest. The priest told him nine times out of ten, the person believing themselves to be possessed are instead dealing with mental illness. That is a more  logical explanation. I do believe in the paranormal but I also believe in being practical and logical. First you rule out all the plausible causes, then when you can’t explain it and you are sure, then you go deeper and accept the paranormal explanation. 

It was a good entertaining read. That is all. I don’t regret reading it but I don’t believe it. It is fake , the whole thing. A cry for attention. There is something to the maxim seeing is believing. A lot of spooky things have happened to me that I never forced or sought out. they just did. An editor who read the book Dracul by Dacre Stoker claimed that Mina and Jonathan Harker were real people, acquaintances of Bram Stoker. People are so eager to believe in anything that they will accept anything. He believed that Dracula existed. He is a fictional character, nothing more, based on the actual historical figure Vlad Tepes. 

To demonstrate my skepticism even more, I have bad news. The publishing company J Ellington Ashton Press is a scam. I am now not having my horror novel published with them. 

This is what convinced me it was a scam all along:

The editor who encouraged me to sing on has zero ratings and reviews on Amazon- no ratings mean no sales
They were terrified of deadlines A First
Signed me on too fast- the same day they got my partial
Praised me up
I couldn’t google or find the editor anywhere online even on Facebook
I was told it would be too hard for her to be in touch with me from Australia- it takes seconds to send an email
I had a fishy feeling about them
I had a fishy feeling about being told it would hard for her to be in touch or her constant assurance she was working on it
Their website looks like shit
Their ratings and reviews on Amazon are bad
They have zero web presence
Told me I would be shelved- my book would be shelved next to other famous authors
The editor constantly name dropped He is full of shit
I was on bated breath waiting for them to ask me for money
In order for you to avoid this happening to you, do your research first. That will save you heartbreak. And you want to be happy right? And you want to be with a legit company right? Right. If publishing is your goal, then go for it but be careful.! Scams are everywhere these days. It is terrible that a publishing company will prey on gullible authors and wreak havoc with their dreams but the scammers are out there. 
Now don’t get me wrong. I love watching Ghost Adventures as much as the next person. I am not writing this to sprinkle hate confetti. I do watch the show. But I just maintain a healthy dose of skepticism. I don’t agree with the way they bash witchcraft not knowing enough about it, But I just brush that aside because my ability see ghosts leaves me feeling quite isolated. I can’t just stop being what I am. I am what I am. I accept it but I bear the mantle for it. I don’t boast or act proud or show off. I think that with an ability like mine, I guess you have to pay the price. The guys on that show validate it for me because they make it cool and acceptable. It makes me feel less alone. 
We live in a society that pushes conformity. I say never be afraid to stand out and be true to yourself. 
The paranormal is now more accepted than it was say 20 years ago. I do believe though there are more ghosts, spirits. demons out now than there ever were before. I also know that we have more ghost hunting tools on the market. I never knew those tools existed. I just used my own natural clairvoyant senses to detect ghosts. When I do encounter a spirit it never sticks around for me to find out what it wants. How can I help it that way? Maybe with more ghost hunting tools, I will be able to know what they want. Let’s hope. The future seems spooky. I believe something is coming, something big. And I think that the spirits all know what that will be and are waiting for us mere mortal to figure it out. Let’s do just that before it is too late. This pandemic is only the beginning. 
Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Merry meet all,

Last night a mouse appeared by my front door in the hall. Penny tore after the terrified mouse like a bat out of hell. I heard squeaks and saw something small and grey running for its life. Not that I blame the mouse. Penny is one cute cat but she is also a huntress by nature. Sometimes I forget that. 

I am so excited!!!  It’s great owning a new computer monitor and printer et al. But that’s not the best news!!!! I am attending the virtual StokerCon of May 2021. Oh my gosh I can’t wait. I wish I could attend the real StokerCon but I am just grateful enough for the virtual event!!

A friend of mine on Facebook is a paranormal investigation Ghost Trackers UK. 

Ghost trackers UK TV show team are Scott Lee Bower Host lead paranormal investigator Psychic medium. Scott lay Paranormal investigator cameraman trance medium. Kerrylee Whetren Paranormal investigator Spiritual Witch. We are a small group of friends that love the Paranormal that love searching for Paranormal activity in and around the UK as well as helping people in need with paranormal problems Hauntings We do spirit clearances for people Our mission is to investigate and film any activity we may catch for our show for you to watch we are Ghost trackers UK TV show.

Their videos are posted on YouTube. Here is the link: 

I have watched a few episodes on YouTube. What is so chilling is that they are so authentic. I have witnessed orbs, and they’re equipment not working, and cold spots. Scott Bower is a very nice person. It is just the three of them- his team and they go on paranormal investigations and genuinely experience the paranormal. It is not as flashy and stylish as Ghost Adventures but I enjoy watching Ghost Trackers for their authentic encounters. I mean I wish I had a team of investigators with me when I want to go ghost hunting. 

I have more good news. My article about my own haunted hometown of Halifax will be published in The Feminine Macabre by SpookEats. This is the second reprint of my article. The journal The Feminine Macabre is an all women journal devoted to all things paranormal. I am happy to be included in the journal sure to be jam packed with spine tingling stories. The first Volume will have a foreword written by Patti Neghri of Ghost Adventures! My story will appear in Volume 2. I shall. keep you posted. Volume 2 will be released this August. 

Ostara is the next turn in the Wheel of the Year. Spring inches closer and closer. Ostara is the spring equinox. From here on in, we can bid the dark half of the year farewell as we embrace the lighter half of the year. I am eager to start gardening. Ostara is the time when night and day are in equal perfect balance. I look forward to Ostara, the second spring Sabbat in the wheel of the year. 

Blessed Be, Spiderwitch


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Family believes Christmas present unleashed paranormal activity into their Brandon home


Merry meet all,

The battle between winter and spring rages outside. The trees wave and bow to the strong winds. The grey skies hang low. It’s hard to say which will be the victor: winter snow storms or spring filling our hearts with hope upon spying a fresh green bud poking from the frozen earth.

I’ve been reading the excellently written novel Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D  Barker. Oh my god the novel is such an eye opener. This novel is the prequel to the original Dracula by Bram Stoker. I love the book and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s a great novel to read to keep you out of the cold. Apparently Mina and Jonathan Harker, the characters immortalized in the famous novel, may have been real living breathing people. I won’t give away any more information about the novel. I can’t recommend the novel enough to al you dear readers.

I watched the scariest horror movie recently. The Conjuring and Insidious franchise had nothing on this one. It was called Veronica. I heard about the whole scary supposedly true haunted house story from a horror podcast. Oh my goddess there were some nightmare inducing scenes I am having a hard time forgetting. One example is when the teenage girl’s toddler aged siblings violently snack on their very disturbed older sister. That’s right they ate her. I can’t forget that scene. It was hard to watch, especially while eating, and very hard to forget. Oh my gosh. I will never watch that movie again. But for any true horror movie fans, I dare you to watch it at night alone with the lights off.

Speaking of spooky, here is an eerie tale for you, my dear readers. It deals with a haunted doll carriage that infests a family in their home.

BRANDON, Miss. (WLBT) – It sounded like someone was knocking on the walls.

That’s how Whitney Merritt describes the beginning of the nearly three weeks of alleged paranormal activity her family endured after receiving a Christmas present last month.

The present was a vintage doll carriage. Her mother had gotten it from a friend of a friend and had gifted it to Whitney’s daughter, where it sat by the Christmas tree for the first few days.

The knocking, Whitney says, began at the beginning of the year. They would hear it on the walls of their Brandon home which they have recently moved into. The sounds grew so loud that on two occasions, Whitney walked to the front door thinking someone was outside. It was midnight so Whitney called her husband, Michael, who works nights.

“I think someone’s at the front door,” she told him before turning on the porch light. When she opened it, no one was there.

“And then about the third or fourth night was when we started hearing, like, boom, boom, boom, in the attic,” she recalls as she rubs her chest, leaving it red. At first they simply wrote it off. The home was built in 1992, maybe it was just settling in?

“I don’t know. Logical reasons I’m trying to come up with in my head,” Whitney admits.

But soon the sounds above their living room became so frequent that they could no longer be ignored. So one weekend in the middle of the night, Michael went into the attic carrying a shotgun and a flashlight, expecting to find someone up there.

“We were out there making so much noise,” Whitney says. “People probably thought we were crazy. We thought there was somebody in the attic!” But no one was up there. And so ended week one.

Week two started with a bang.

It was around two or three in the morning when Whitney was awakened from what she calls a “dead sleep.” The noise was so loud, she says, that she thought their dog had crashed through the window of their door. She grabbed her handgun and walked around their home, but found nothing.

In the morning while walking into the kitchen was when she discovered the bag on the ground. In the bag were the coffee mugs she had recently purchased from TJMaxx. The bag was three to four feet away from the table. Both of the mugs were broken.

“There was no way that they could have fallen over at all, Whitney says adamantly. “I mean, they weren’t on their side or anything… they’re not just gonna roll. You know what I mean? They just don’t roll.”

The next night, another bang. It was around 3:30 in the morning. Whitney rushed into the kitchen to find another bag on the floor, inside another shattered mug. This time shards of glass had come out of the bag and so Whitney began sweeping it up.

At first they thought maybe one of their children had gone to use the bathroom, but the light never came on.

“So my husband opened up the door real quick and turned the light on and there was nothing in there,” Whitney says. “And he stood there messing with the doors in the hallway for a minute just trying to find a logical explanation, like, maybe it was the suction that’s slamming the door.”

But the door never moved again.

“Hey, is Paxton home?” Michael asked.

Whitney said no, that he was still at school.

When Whitney and her daughter got home, Michael explained the call. He said that he was in bed when he heard the front door close. Then he heard Paxton’s door close. Then he began hearing knocking on the walls.

He called Paxton’s name five or six times, but there was no answer. That’s when he got up and walked into his son’s room. Paxton’s bedroom light was on, his Xbox was on and a bottle of water was “actively” dripping on the floor.

After telling Whitney this story, they had a discussion about all of the strange occurrences at their home and when they had begun. “We were sitting here and [Michael] just fixated on that little baby carriage and we stuck it outside…”

Since then, everything has been normal. No more knocking, no more footsteps in the attic.

The carriage now resides in the garage and has been placed on Facebook Marketplace for $65. “Full disclosure,” the caption reads. “It’s definitely haunted. Sooo. Yeah.”

Whitney did say that she eventually received more backstory on the carriage from her mother, who told her that the owner’s husband had been killed in a motorcycle accident on the Natchez Trace a year ago. She believes that it’s possible that that’s who she saw walk past her in the kitchen.

“We both strongly believe there is a spirit attached to that doll buggy,” Michael wrote in a text message. “With what was going on, there’s no other explanation. It all started with all the knocking and banging on the walls out of nowhere and I knew.”

Whitney says that she wouldn’t argue with anyone who doubts their story and that she, too, is hesitant to believe people who claims to have seen something paranormal. “I didn’t want to say any of this out loud because it sounds, you know— I know how it sounds,” Whitney says. “I’m not stupid, I know how it sounds. But, you know, it is what it is.””

Indeed. A spirit attached itself to the doll carriage. 

Credit to the website. 

Here is the photo of the doll carriage,

Copyright 2021 WLBT. All rights reserved.

Blessings, Spiderwitch





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Merry meet all,

I have a brand new iMac!! I love the white monitor, the keyboard and the mouse. I love it all. Now writing is so much easier. I am enjoying getting acquainted with it. I also now have a diabolically awesome cute pair of dark lord slippers from Kijiji. My toes will be hellishly warm!! Indeed, I am wearing them as I type and my feet are quite warm. I worked today at Value Village. I thought that shift would never end. It sure keeps me on my toes. 

Imbolc is upon us. I haven’t celebrated Imbolc yet. I have been so busy. I do intend to but now that I work part time, everything has changed. But I do like Imbolc. I guess I now have no excuse not to write. I have a new computer. Imbolc is about cleansing and purifying. I desperately need to do housework here. I just need the time- and to do an Imbolc Ritual. Or maybe I can turn the mega cleaning here into a ritual. We shall soon see. 

I want to post today about something I see is important. I hate Covid. I think we are all sick of it. It has turned our lives upside down. It has opened my eyes to what I would never have seen or imagined. I had to say goodbye to some long term friendships/ relationships that meant a lot to me. It hurts. But I had to do it for my own emotional, mental and physical health. I do believe in not totally closing a door on someone. But lately the opposite is exactly what had to do. It really sucked. But when I see how they treated me, I really had no choice. Sherry who I knew a long time, turned on me and was so embarrassing, controlling and insulting to me. I don’t deserve to be treated like I can’t afford Penny’s diabetes, or can’t afford the vet food or care. It turned out that once I did ditch her – I think. I know more than you, am richer than you, have power over you- ass, everything I needed fell into place. Yeah it was a year of eye opening events- some good, mostly bad, and saying goodbye to those where I never thought it would happen. But here I am. 

I can say this: trust your vibes. If someone or something ever feels ‘off’ to you or not right, pay attention. That is your body, brain and intuition trying to tell you something about a person or place or thing. Don’t ignore it and then be regretting it for the rest of your life. Don’t let anything- whether you have to make a major decision such as buying a car, applying for a mortgage or deciding which college to apply for, like wait till it feels right to you. You will know when it is right. You may even receive some auspicious signs from the Universe. 

Vibes are energy. Energy is transformed. Energy is not static, it changes into something else. Even your gemstones and crystals move and grow. You cannot see it happen but it does. It is happening. How do you feel when you first sip coffee in the morning, go to bed and slip under the cool covers or feel water cascade over you in the shower? I know, you feel amazing right? But then you go to work, or you were late, your hot coffee spilled on you, or your boss yelled at you. Then you work all day, you come home to dishes in the sink, your landlord wants his rent, and your significant other might be miffed for whatever reason. We can’t control what happens to us but we can control our reactions to it. This is a hurdle I have to over come. I sometimes totally get angry and lose my shit. I then regret it. Penny often puts me in my place, as per protocol. 

In any case, just wash the dishes, sweep that floor and feed your pet. A clean environment does wonders for reducing anxiety and stress. But yeah we can control our reactions. Life is not always fair, it was never intended to be. But it is more bearable when we control our reactions to it. Life does go on and what seemed so major now you will soon forget about. Like I really hate waking at 6 am to get ready for work. But I know I will be paid. That eases the pain of waking up at that ungodly hour. I get a benefit from going to work every day. That and the other employees are so nice. 

When the editor expressed interest in publishing my novel- and it was a traditional publishing house, I screamed so hard I scared Penny. She was rewarded and festooned with many kisses and loves. But I was so amazed that anyone would want my story. I am over the moon. I felt an amazing vibe from the editor. That is partly how I knew it felt right. They are trustworthy and just ask for my patience. 

Vibes will tell you what words cannot. Always trust how you feel. You will know as you experience more in life. 

Stay safe

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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How to lead a paranormal investigation

Merry meet all,

Paranormal investigations are the hot topic now. Read this post for info on how to go on an investigation of your own, 

One of the first things to keep in mind is that you have to rule out a haunting or disprove it. Only when you can’t disprove it do you then progress onto a good reason for the haunting. A door opening by itself could be explained by a draft or open window. An orb could be explained by a light from a room. Rule out any logical reason for a weird event first. 

Research the location. Try to find out if there were any traumatic experiences such as murders or suicides . Or if there are any other reports of any paranormal occurrences there or in the neighborhood. 

Return to the location to duplicate the experience. Return to the area with a few ghost hunting tools. See if the event repeats itself and take a friend to act as a witness. The tools can consist of electromagnetic frequencies or electronic voice phenomena, or a way to measure temperatures. 

If you hear voices- I can’t hear ghosts but I see and sense them, then record them with the EVP recorder. It may take a long time and many efforts to record something so don’t be easily discouraged. If you see a ghost, then set up a way to record sound and temperature changes. A video recorder and a flashlight are very useful to have around too. Often it is dark where you investigate. A flashlight with extra chargeable batteries is mandatory. That and wear good comfortable sensible shoes. 

Be objective. Just because you hear spooky bumps in the night doesn’t mean it is a ghost. Be open to every possibility. Once you gather enough evidence, then you can call in the professional paranormal investigation team(s) in your area. But be careful of cons or scams.

  • “Try investigating with a friend or two.

  • Never be scared to ask questions, even if you think no one is there.

  • Set up motion sensors. Paranormal activity can trigger motion sensors.

  • Maintain caution in what you deal with. (Do you want to star in a recreation of The Exorcist?)

  • Be professional: A well-groomed and intelligent person is more convincing than an unkempt, raving lunatic.

  • Be prepared for ridicule: If you make your findings or research public you will be laughed at.

  • Stand by your findings. You went through all that work, at least get credit for it.

  • Read and study: Monsters by John Michael Greer is a good start.”

Credit to

Read the book Ghost Hunting for Dummies by Zac Bagans. It is the leading ‘textbook’ on ghost hunting. 

Thank the people for their time if they let you visit. Be polite and professional. And remember to have fun. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch



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