Samhain Mysteries

Merry meet all,

The colourful leaves trickle down to the earth. The overcast sky hangs low. But the fiery leaves brighten the afternoon sky. I see a haze like a misty translucent curtains that has fallen over the backyard and nature trail. I like to think that is the elusive and famous veil between the worlds. Samhain is here, at least to me. I ventured out in my garden today to remove the frost blanket as I do everyday. The frost blanket shields the still growing plants from the cold. A pumpkin has begun growing in the garden – yes, in October. I found flowers on my haskap plant and the pumpkin regularly shows off flowers. I mean I don’t get it. It has not been too cold this month which could explain a lot. Even my cucumber vine is showing a new flower. I don’t get it. I do feel duty bound to protect the plants. Everything else has withered and died back. Everything except for the nasturtiums, lemon balm, thyme, and oregano and what I mentioned above. 

This is the time when pumpkins are harvested not grown. Ok if my plants choose to do so, fine. I shall do my best to protect and nurture it. I may get a small pumpkin before the killing frost hits. Who knows? 

Last night I brewed mulled cider. Yum! I also harvested mullein root for a tincture. I brought my cellphone with which has an app called Seek. The Seek app aids me by identifying which plant is which. Seek did identify the plant as great mullein. I dug up the roots of the plants, brought them home, scrubbed them clean and chopped it into smaller pieces. I bought a small bottle of vodka. I’ll let the roots dry out for a week to draw out any moisture in the roots and then mix it together. It will steep for 4 to 6 weeks after which I strain it out. I found and saved a LOT of nasturtium seeds and my Mom gave me a huge puppy of poppy seeds. I truly look forward to next spring. !!! The poppy seeds and the nasturtium seeds are stored in clean ziplock baggies. I love poppies. Next to purple coneflower and nasturtiums and pansies, they are the prettiest flowers. 

For all you horror fans in Canada hankering for a spooky The Haunted Museum episodes, Discovery Plus is now available in Canada! I am excited about  this good news too. You can subscribe now and then never miss a single episode. 

I tried to do a seance last night. But no spirits came through. I was a little disappointed but I made a true effort to commune with spirits regardless. I performed a spirit guide meditation, burned candles and incense and did a few divinations. I used a pendulum to tell me if spirits were close. Nope. I used my ouija board. Nope. I asked the spirits if they were present. Nope. Ok or at least as far as I know, the spirits weren’t there. They could have been hiding. I don’t control them. I wonder if the black salt I sprinkled around the doorways kept them from entering. Hmmm. 

Black salt, my own concoction, is intended to protect a home. Yet this is the time when spirits are reputed to haunt the realm of the living. The ancient Celts believed that. I blended white table salt with cauldron ash, crushed charcoal bits, black pepper and incense ash together in a jar. I labeled and stored the jar. 

A cat that mewed constantly and sought affection from me the other night has been found! The poor little kitty. It gets cold out at night here. I felt so bad leaving the furry mewing little wonder. The cat’s name is Gilbert. He is not feral as he did wear a collar. I wanted to hand him over to anyone who did own the cat but had no idea who they were. I tried carrying the kitty and considered knocking on every door till I got him back to his home. But Gilbert wouldn’t let me. Thankfully, since the owner is out of town, the owner’s friend returned the mewing little wonder home safe and sound. I am so happy the kitty is safe. If he got in my apartment, fang, fur and bone would be flying! Penny would have been pissed. It ended well, which is good. 

I would love, I mean love, to have another cat. Penny is having none of it. Ah well, she didn’t have an easy time of it. The home she lived in before she took over mine had a dog that was mean to her. Here, Penny feels like the big one and that is fine with her. 

This Samhain, please keep your feline furries inside. Some shelters don’t even adopt out black cats during this time of year. The cats face terrible threats such as being returned to the shelter, or killed by a car or another animal or abandoned. Abandoning a cat only hurts and confuses the poor thing. They will never know what they did wrong. If you do adopt, it is a commitment. So let’s show our pets extra love this season. !!

Blessed Be, Spiderwitch


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Celebrate the Blood Moon of Samhain

Merry meet all,

Tomorrow night is the Full Moon of Samhain, known as the Blood Moon. That is a great time for magickal workings. Clean up the altar, dust off your cauldrons and broomsticks!! Or, if you are anything like me, create a new besom. As I sit and type, the colourful leaves trickle to the cold earth. The overcast sky frequently brightens as the sun pushes through the clouds. The air is cool. My garden is dying down for the long cold winter. 

I saved a lot of nasturtium seeds yesterday morning. It involved me getting into odd almost yogic contortions to collect the seeds. I have a ton of poppy seeds from my Mom. Now is a good time for saving and storing seeds- and roots! Herbs such as dandelion, burdock, mullein and coltsfoot are rich with medicinal properties. Most of them are biennial. 

Here is a link that tells you more about the amazing herb, mullein:

When to harvest mullein flowers, leaves, and roots

So get out there and harvest your heart out. Now is the time, now is the hour! 

Blood Moon

The Blood Moon of October is also known as Harvest Moon, which occurs in September, and Hunter’s Moon. Samhain is the Final Harvest Sabbat, so the names for the full moon make sense. Here are the correspondences to aid you in your shellwork on this magical upcoming Full Moon. 

“October Full Moon Correspondences

The Hunter Full Moon spiritual meaning can be a potent time for magic and rituals, as well as a beautiful time of inward growth and reflection. Here are some correspondences and intentions to help get you started!

Hunter Moon Spiritual Meaning And Intentions

  • Balance
  • Gratitude
  • Transitions
  • Divination work (Tarot, Scrying, Runes, Oujia, Pendulum boards, Celtic Oghams, etc)
  • Psychic messages
  • Afterlife
  • Shadow work
  • Harvesting
  • Dreamwork
  • Psychopomps (Greek – a spirit, human, or being who guides souls that have recently crossed over. They help them transition into the afterlife from the mortal realm. I listed a few examples below)
    • Ancestors or loved ones
    • Hecate
    • Hermes (Greek)
    • Anubis (Egyptian)
    • Aurora Borealis (Inuits)
    • Cuckoos
    • Shiva (Hindu)
    • Azrael (Islam)
    • Shaman
    • Anito (Filipino)
    • Arch Angel
    • Grim Reaper
    • Sparrows


  • Ruby Red
  • Dark Purple
  • Black
  • Burnt Orange
  • Silver
  • Deep Navy Blue
  • Gold


  • Amethyst
  • Black Tourmaline
  • Quartz
  • Obsidian
  • Moonstone
  • Bloodstone
  • Carnelian”


Embrace The Season

The veil thins in October take some time to contemplate the natural cycle of life. Observe how Nature dies externally each season to rest and prepare for the light and growth of next Spring.

Visit a local cemetery. Bring fresh flowers to place on graves you connect with or who might need a bit of love. Read each headstone and imagine who they were and what they cared about in life.

Since the veil thins the closer we get to Samhain or Halloween it increases the opportunity to spot Fae! Learn more about how to incorporate Fae mythology origins or different types of Fae into your spiritual practice.

The October and the harvest season is traditionally a time for protection magic as well. You’ll see this rooted in the history of pumpkin and turnip carving to guard the home and people from sinister or evil spirits. Draw or design your pumpkins with sigils, bind runes, symbols, or spiritual meanings you’re drawn to like sacred geometry or the pentagram.

You could also spend more time researching spiritual paths or topics you’d like to learn more about like candle color meanings, magical elements, or types of witches.

Embrace all things October: Halloween or Samhain decorations, pumpkin spice everything, cozy blankets, bonfires, or whatever your heart and spirit connect to! Have fun, be free of judgment, and celebrate this wonderful season.

Deep Meditation

October is an amazing season to meditate beneath the moon. Place a picnic blanket in your yard and put on some headphones.

Play some relaxing music that will help quiet your mind or binaural beats that will help you align with your goals and intentions. You could also try playing some positive affirmation songs to help with manifestation.

You can do this on a balcony as well, or even just sitting next to a window and soaking in the moonlight.

Honor and Connect With Your Ancestors

Go through old photo albums and find ways to display or chronicle family photos. Connect with places like to discover more in-depth information on your family’s history.

Do you have anything that has been passed down to you that you can add to your household decor or place on your altar? Speak to your family elders to hear stories and learn more about your heritage. Contemplate how you can connect with traditions your ancestors celebrated.

Credit given to the site: 

Books Featuring Witches

31 Things To Do Between Now and Samhain

Here are more awesome Halloween posts for your reading enjoyment. I hope you enjoy reading them.

Blessings, Spiderwitch

Halloween Haunts: Short Halloween Treats by Galadriel Faye


Halloween Haunts: How To Make a Spooky Zig Zaggy Mini Halloween Journal by Michele Brittany

Halloween Haunts: Masks by David Sharp

Halloween Haunts: Bad Blood Begets Worse Blood by Catt Colborn

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My witch’s broom )O(

Merry meet all,

Samhain is right around the corner. I was busy today crafting a witch’s besom!! I’m going to tell you how I did it so you can make your own!

I found a long dead branch outside in my backyard. I measured five feet and sawed it to the length I wanted. I put that on the lawn chair. Then I left to gather twigs and branches for the bristles. I headed over to the backyard where I found several 30-60 cm twigs. I gathered as many as I could and put them where I left the staff. I set them on the ground beside the chair. Now came for the part to polish the wood of the staff. 

I used a paring knife to scrape off all the bark. Once that was done (with effort), I sanded the entire staff. Then I coated the staff with my wood polishing salve. When I was satisfied with how smooth the staff was, I had to leave. I went to my Mom’s for a pair of secateurs and jute string. I had a quick visit with my Mom and returned home. Then I bundled the long twigs together and arranged them around the staff. I trimmed the twigs/ branches to ensure they were an even length. It became dark outside so I brought my project indoors. I wound the string as tight as humanly possible around the staff and bristles. Then I hammered a nail in. It needs to go into the wood deeper but it is my preference. I trimmed the ends of the wood again to make them even. Then I doused the bristles with bleach and hot soapy water (outside) to kill off any germs or bugs since it did just come from outdoors. After, I rinsed it with clean water and wiped down the bristles with damp paper towel. I hope that helped clean it. Then I brought the saw inside ( a good idea to have a saw nearby just in case), and the hammer, string, secateurs, scissors and my boline. Knot the ends of the string tightly and securely. If you choose, you can even use glue to secure the string ends. 

Make sure if you are crafting the besom that you have permission to use the wood, that you are respectful of the wood and the area you took it from, and that you tie the string as tightly as you can. My broom is not perfect – the staff is not in the centre of the twigs but I could care less. She is perfect to me. I will paint the staff tomorrow. I am so happy with it. It is just beautiful and truly magical to me. All in time for Samhain. 

I love my new broom. I can’t wait to paint it. I may have to wait to get to spray paint the bristles. But it will be worth it. I want to spray paint them deep brown. I am painting the staff a lighter brown. My other besom that I made is purple. I want this broom to still appear natural. Also, spray painting it eliminates bugs or dirt. It makes it last longer and appear “polished”. I don’t have the patience to sand and smooth every bristle but spray paint does that for me in a way. Yeah I can’t wait for that. I will post another photo once it’s done. 

Does this inspire you to try crafting your own tools? The even better part of all this is it didn’t cost me a dime. I am tired now but I can paint it tomorrow. I can’t wait. There is something about bringing out the beauty in wood that I truly enjoy. I own a smaller besom I bought at a witch shop. The wood has a natural look too. That besom is smaller than the one I crafted today. 

Let me know what you craft for Samhain. I want to hear all about it in the comments. I’ve updated this post to show you the finished witch’s broom!!! 

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Paranormal Halloween

Merry meet all

I am happy to share my blog post from the Horror Writers Association annual blog event. I hope you enjoy it!! 

Halloween Haunts: Paranormal Halloween by Heddy Johannesen 

Halloween casts a dark spell on us. October enchants the young and old as spirits roam free. The veil between the worlds is thinnest now. I have a keen and strong interest in the paranormal. I would happily work as a paranormal investigator if I could. I have researched the paranormal as much as I can. I also am clairvoyant and clairsentient. This has helped me to study the paranormal and spirit world.

I was sitting with a friend in my kitchen one summer night. We chatted for hours. The night was hot, so we drank colas to keep us cool. It was quiet and peaceful. Or so we thought. We had a good talk. I was holding a cola in my hand. I looked from Stefan to a spot in my kitchen. I don’t know why but something made me glance in that direction. I wish I didn’t to this day.

I glanced at the wall by my back door. It happened so fast. My heart leapt to my chest. A dark black shadow person with sharp pointed nails or fingers appeared and walked straight into my cupboards. Stefan saw the way I was staring. He didn’t see what I saw. He should be thankful. The dark shadow was wispy, transparent, and generated an aura of evil.  It moved with speed and in an unusual way. This being was clearly not from our dimension. I have yet to learn where it came from and why it chose my apartment.

My heart jumped at the sight of the eerie shadow person. I wish I knew how it got in my home and what it was doing there. I haven’t seen the being since. I wish I knew why it chose my apartment. I may have to live with never knowing why and accept that I may not receive the answers to that in the way I want to. They don’t communicate the way that we wish they could. They are beyond death.

Stefan asked me what I saw. I told him. My heart pounded. We did an energy clearing to banish that bad spirit. I was and still am truly puzzled. I have no idea why the spirit chose my home other than that I am clairsentient. That attracts spirits and shadow people. That is the only explanation I can think of.

Stefan and I placed crystals above doors, and on window ledges. I smudged the house with sage. We sprinkled salt on the windowsills and below doorways. I privately don’t think that did any good. The shadow person entered my home. It may have helped to a small degree.

I have many questions. Is my home a portal for spirits? I have a strong feeling the Otherworld is not a place we would enjoy. They will exist for eternity. The more the veil between the world thins, they can cross over into our realm and even in our dreams.

Ghosts, demons and shadow people are attracted to people with low vibrational energies. If you are struggling with addictions, are abused, or depressed, you are a target for the lower vibrational spirits. If you use a Ouija board, you draw them toward you. They don’t hear your voice, but they can sense your vibrational signal from afar. You send an energetic signal. That is what the demons or earthbound ghosts’ sense from you. You may be unaware of it but they sense it.  I own a few Ouija boards that I sprinkle with salt and know how to psychically defend myself from them.

The veil between the realms of the living and the dead is thinning. The most common times is Halloween. Paranormal investigations and ghost hunting tools are becoming popular.

I am trained in paranormal investigating. I live in a haunted town with a dark bloody history. I investigate haunted restaurants here and even my own home. If you are keen on the paranormal, you must shield yourself to avoid unwanted energies from attaching themselves to you. Once you have mastered psychically shielding yourself, you need faith and belief in a Higher Power. Call on your ancestors to help you. A strong heart is your greatest weapon should you encounter a malicious entity. Concentrate on a psychic shield around you. Set your intention that you will not be affected by an evil spirit.

Gather the tools you need that have protective properties. Hematite, labradorite, smoky quartz, clear quartz, or tiger’s eye are suitable. Pentacles, runes, gemstones, white and black candles, dragon’s blood ink and even black salt are potent tools for ghost hunting.

Be sure your batteries are fully charged. Entities drain the energy out of batteries so take extra with you. Bring a flashlight, cab fare, wear sensible footwear, and a good friend. Do not go alone. Ghost hunts occur at night. Be careful.

Other ghost hunting tools to add to your collection are a K-II EMF Meter, a spirit box, a digital camera, and a way to measure the temperature of a room. If a spirit is present, the temperature in a room can become ice cold. That is good evidence of the presence of a spirit.

If you do a ghost hunt at a location first obtain permission from the owners to visit the place. Ask them if they believe the home or business is haunted and what odd occurrences they’ve noticed. Take notes and be polite to the owners.

Do research on the history of the building. A ghost hunt does not involve the glamour and scares the way Hollywood portrays it. It often means sitting in the quiet dark with your equipment waiting for evidence of things that go bump in the night.

When you are at the location, it is important to seek evidence rather than an experience. There is a distinction between the two. Later, as you are analyzing what your EMF meter or spirit box detected, the memory of you screaming at a spirit to appear at your command is not considered evidence. The evidence that you collected based on scientific methods is far more valuable. It builds your reputation too.

It is acceptable to be objective of the homeowner’s claims that their home is haunted. They may like the fancy more than the fact. Offer to do the investigation anyway and be polite. Later, you can turn down an appointment or a follow up if it ends up the home was not haunted at all.

Respect the spirits. They cannot be conjured at will. If the ghost or negative entity is causing serious problems for people, then recommend a local church to aid in banishing the spirits from the home. Don’t attempt it yourself.

After you return home, cleanse yourself and your ghost hunting equipment of any lingering energies. Ghost hunts can stretch on for hours. It’s important to rest and ground and center yourself afterward.

Be careful when you use Ouija boards. Have salt and sage at hand and bid the spirits farewell when you complete your sessions. Believe in your power whatever faith you believe in. Your faith in your power is your most powerful tool. It will guide you on your new hobby or career exploring the paranormal.  I hope you enjoyed this article. Keep an open mind to the paranormal. Have a deep faith in a Higher Power and faith in yourself.

I don’t know why the spirit was in my apartment that night. I may never know. I do know that spirit manifestations are on the rise. We can protect ourselves from any negativity and be curious about the Otherworld. It is the final frontier for all of us.

I’m a member of the Horror Writers Association. My writing has appeared in The Feminine Macabre, Handbook of the Dead, Ghosts, Spirits and Spectres Volume 2Samhain Secrets, Untimely Frost-Poetry Unthawed, One Night in Salem, Wax & Wane: A Gathering of Witchy TalesThe Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods, and Witches and Pagans Magazine.


Twitter: magicka66


Blessings, Spiderwitch

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The History of Samhain

Merry meet all,

Samhain falls on October 31. It is a time of endings and new beginnings. The God of Light descends into the Underworld. opening a doorway into the realm of the dead. Samhain is the ancient Celtic festival of death. 

On the night of October 31st, the Pagan celebration known as Samhain (pronounced saa-win or sah-ween) was performed at sunset, when the Celtic calendar day officially ended. The Celts believed that the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead was thinnest on this specific day, due to their belief that summer brought life and a full harvest while winter brought death and symbolized a dark, cold season. Since this boundary between our world and the underworld was permeable, it was believed that otherworldly beings such as ghosts and demons would return to earth. Celtic Druids would build large bonfires and dress up in animal hides to perform ritualistic sacrifices of food and animals (favoring black cats) so the returning dead would help them make predictions and forecast the future. The Celts would also leave offerings at their doorstep and dress up on Samhain in hopes of fooling or appeasing the ghosts to ensure that the people and their livestock survived the winter.

Much of modern pagan practice is based on the wheel of the year, a major determining factor in Celtic worship. The Celtic year was divided into two halves — light and dark, which were delineated by two of their four annual fire festivals. In between, rituals or ceremonies were celebrated marking solstices (when night is either the shortest or longest) or equinoxes (when day and night are equal). Samhain, the fire festival that marked the beginning of the dark half of the year, is situated between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.

Encyclopedia Britannica notes that, during this festival, the world of the gods “was believed to be made visible to humankind,” leading to supernatural tricks and trouble; ghosts of the dead and spirits from the Otherworld were also thought to return to the earth during Samhain. To appease deities during this time, sacrifices (generally of crops and animals) were burned in bonfires as a protective measure from from evil otherworldly beings and offerings were left out for other visiting mischievous spirits. Tricks and pranks were often played, but blamed on fairies and spirits during the three-day period when the line between the two worlds blurred.

The spiritual undertones of the Samhain festival also lent themselves to looking to the future, an activity quite apropos to the start of the Celtic new year; notes that Druids, or Celtic priests, thought that “the presence of otherworldly spirits made it easier…to make predictions about the future.” At the bonfires of the festival, fortune-telling was done alongside sacrifices, and many participants also donned costumes, often masquerading as animals or beasts, in hopes of fooling spirits who might want to harm them.

The practices of this fire festival evolved over time — most notably with the spread of Christianity and the Catholic church, by 43 A.D., following Rome conquering most of the Celtic lands. In Jack Santino’s Halloween in America: Contemporary Customs and Performances, he explains how, during this time, many of Celtic traditions were reframed with a Christian narrative in an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the pagan practices while spreading the new religion. That reframing created many of the Halloween traditions that people still participate in today.

It was May 13 in the year 609 that Pope Boniface IV declared a celebration called All Saints’ Day, also called All-hallows or All-hallowmas in Middle English; the day before it was thus known as All-hallows’ Eve, as explains. The festival was a day to honor Christian martyrs and saints. Later, in the mid-eighth century, Pope Gregory III strategically moved the celebration to November 1, coinciding with the time Samhain would have typically been held. The homage paid to martyrs and saints who passed closely paralleled the appeasement of ghosts of the dead during Samhain. The church’s capitalization on Samhain traditions didn’t end there, however; participants in the new version of the holiday celebrated in much the same manner as their Celtic forebears had — with bonfires and costumes that reflected the spiritual and otherworldly. The offerings of food and goods to protect themselves from spirits and ancestral ghosts became offerings of food and drink to the poor, displays of generosity and goodwill. And the tricks and pranks attributed to otherworldly and evil spirits manifested themselves in the spirit of the saints.

Eventually, All-hallows’ Eve evolved into Halloween, becoming more popular in secular culture than All Saints’ Day. The pagan-turned-Christian practices of dressing up in costume, playing pranks and handing out offerings have evolved into popular traditions even for those who may not believe in otherworldly spirits or saints. However, whether Halloween celebrants know it or not, they’re following the legacy of the ancient Celts who, with the festival of Samhain, celebrated the inevitability of death and rebirth.


Clean your altar. Yes clean. Haul it out, sweep the dust away and wash your tools in lunar charged water. Put it back. Set down a clean altar cloth. Now you can have fun! Setting up your altar doesn’t need to be a chore. Have fun with it. If you have an altar cloth perfect for this celebrated season of death. Add your idols, statues, pentacles. Place black and orange taper candles on the altar along with a few items that correspond to the season. Pinecones, gourds, acorns, fall flowers and seeds, and a few offerings are good choices. Offerings, especially to Hekate can be mullein, wormwood, and bay leaves correspond to Hekate. Now your altar is prepared for the season. 

Light a white candle to guide your ancestors and/ or lost spirits on October 31st. Play music, leave offerings and eat a meal that reminds you of those who have gone before you. This means a lot to them because it proves to them someone remembers them. If it is too painful ( as it is for me), then you can honour a different ancestor this year. Whatever you do, have a good time. 


Blessings, Spiderwitch


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A Haunting Halloween

Merry meet all,

I have a real treat lined up for you, my darling ghouls. I’m including links to more of the wicked blog posts from Halloween Haunts, I am also reposting ten posts from past Samhain posts here for your perusal. Then for the final touch, some news about what is going on in the paranormal world. First, we begin with Halloween Haunts.

Halloween Haunts: I Hear Dead People: Communicating with My Father (and Others) in Spirit by Valerie E. Weich

Halloween Haunts: Why Do We Like Being Scared? by Marlena Frank

Halloween Haunts: Halloween: The Holiday That Made Me by Samantha Arthurs

Halloween Haunts: Frights For a Good Cause by Robert P. Ottone

Halloween Haunts: I Dare You to Play (Paranormal Games for Halloween) by Brooke MacKenzie

Halloween Haunts: Crawl Space by Juliette Kings

I love being a member of the Horror Writers Association. The many other talented writers who share their works here make it worthwhile. I love reading all their blog posts during the magickal month of October. I am happy that I can share it with you, dear ghouls. Ok so now we move on to the top ten past Samhain posts of my own to share with you. 

Past posts about Samhain Oct.29, 2016

Merry meet all,

As Samhain draws ever near, we start preparing for the most famous night of the year. Here are some recipes to help you on your way to celebrating October 31st. The ingredients can be found in your kitchen or thrift store.

I found a stunning cauldron at an antique store. The cauldron was fired in a forge. I shall dedicate it on Samhain eve.


Sage, salt, mugwort, sandalwood, sunflower seeds, rosemary, rue, pumpkin seeds, cedar, mandrake, juniper, oak leaves, acorns, almond, and cinnamon. You can mix these together and empower them in a bowl. Burn this mix on hot charcoal.


Empty one whole jug of cider in a stainless steel pot. Add 1 apple cut into small chunks, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 whole orange, sliced and a pinch of nutmeg. The trick to this is to let it steep so the fruit absorbs the decadent flavor.


If you make your own candles, consider adding pumpkin spice essential oil for a tangy zippy scent.


Pumpkins are not just for soups. Add the notorious pureed fruit (that you pureed in your own kitchen, right?) to gingerbread, cookies, breads and pies. Save the seeds for roasting. Mmmmmm Or paint your pumpkin teal green to show you support people with food allergies! Compost your pumpkins in your garden to add nutrients to the soil.


Gingerbread Gingerbread was my late grandfather’s favorite recipe. I baked a loaf with a seasonal twist. Here is a recipe.

  • 1/2 cup of white sugar
  • 1/2 cup butter
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup molasses
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp ginger
  • 1/2 tsp clove
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup hot water
  • * Optional: pumpkin puree

In a large bowl, cream together the sugar and butter. Beat in the egg and molasses mixture. Use an electric mixer. In another bowl, sift together the flour and spices. Blend into the creamed mixture. Stir in the hot water. Add the pumpkin puree and beat it all with the electric mixer well. Pour into the prepared pan. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour in the oven. Allow to cool.


Sage, salt, mugwort, sandalwood, sunflower seeds, rosemary, rue, pumpkin seeds, cedar, mandrake, juniper, oak leaves, acorns, almond, and cinnamon.Chinese lanterns miniature pumpkins and gourds add a decorative element. Mix together in an attractive dish. Store covered. Add essential oils and blend well. Open the jar to release the spicy autumnal scent.

I hope you enjoy these recipes. I wish you many Samhain blessings.

Past post #2 Oct13, 2018

Today’s post is about foods to enjoy at the time of Samhain. I know pumpkins immediately come to  mind but they are not just for carving. 

Pumpkins can be baked into breads (yum!), into cookies, and soup. I always buy a few pumpkins to cook with not just carve. There are plenty of them in stores. I want a couple white ones too. White pumpkins make me think of ghosts. 

Apples are popular now. Apples can be made into applesauce, pies, and apple crisp. Which reminds me, I have plenty of rhubarb in the freezer. Mm I might bake rhubarb cobbler with apple. 

The popular spices and herbs for baking during the autumn season are: cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, basil, clove, anise and orange. Add lavender to cookies. Another fun thing to try is Halloween cookie cutters. I have a wide range of cookie cutters in the shapes of moons, coffins, bats, pumpkins, tombstones and witches. Add sprinkles, frosting, or even  natural food dye for ghoulish delights! 

Cocoa will keep you warm this fall. Cocoa can be combined with espresso in coffee or a batch of brownies. 

Nuts like walnuts, sesame seeds, coconut, dried fruit and almonds add health and flavor to your food. Mix up a batch of tasty morning granola with the ingredients mentioned in this post for some health and immune boosting breakfast. Some popular recipes to try are pumpkin bread, soups, stews, other dark breads, and root veggie recipes. Doesn’t this all sound good? 

Gather some lentils too for lentil soup or save your potatoes and get a leek or two from the local organic farmers market for an invigorating bowl of potato and leek soup. I love my cauldron pot. It looks like a cauldron pot. I brew many a soup or stew in that pot. I use a blender that my Mom owned since I was a baby. I puree the soups, pumpkin or squash in it and it still works like a charm. 

Cooking food from scratch has some advantages. It is more effort to be sure. You have control over what ingredients go into your food. You can freeze the soups for later use. Empower your meal with energy for health or other things. You can see how it’s made and add your own special touch to the recipe. I personally prefer to be a die hard slow cooking kitchen witch, concocting my own recipes and know that I am not adding too many processed food ingredients.

My witch hazel tree flowered! I also gathered herbs from my garden such as calendula, lady’s mantle, leopard’s bane, woodruff, and lamb’s ear. 

When you are done cooking, relax and let the dishes soak in the sink. Perform divination while you sip hot herbal tea. You can choose to divine by guessing the shape of clouds floating by. Or peel an apple all in one piece. Drop the peel on the floor. The shape the apple peel forms is the letter of your future lover’s name. At midnight, slice an apple into nine pieces. Nine is a mystical number. When you come to the ninth piece after eating the pieces, toss the ninth piece over your shoulder. The face of your lover should appear in the mirror. 

Scry by peering into a cauldron of spring water. It is optional to add drops of olive oil. Drop melting beeswax into the water in the cauldron and divine things by studying the shapes of wax on the water surface. 

There are other methods of divination, such as studying candle flames, studying the blue part of the candle flame, the way that incense smoke floats and rises. You can divine autumn leaves or see if you receive messages from the wind in the trees. It doesn’t have to cost anything to perform divination or be complicated or dangerous. It should be fun and magickal. That is the point of it all. Put your energy into it and be open to impressions. 

Enjoy the magic of Samhain!

Past post #3 Oct. 13, 2018

I have a few projects to try here that are eerie fun and won’t break the bank. Let’s add some ghoulish fun to your afternoon!


Gather a terracotta plant pot, a Popsicle stick, gray clay, graveyard dirt and a paintbrush. First clean the terracotta pot until it is spotless. Paint it black and add a few coats of paint to take care of the streaks that may show through. Let it dry. While the pot dries, visit a graveyard to gather the soil. Try to be discreet to avoid questioning glances from normal people. Remove the insects and return them to where they were. Go home with your soil and return to the black plant pot.

Now shape some grey clay into the shape of a headstone/ tombstone. You can etch in with a tool you have nearby the shape of a cherub or skull onto the headstone. Add the Popsicle stick to the clay and bake it in the oven or allow to air dry if you are using self-hardening clay. Fill the black plant pot with soil and then settle the clay headstone into the pot of soil. The plant pot acquires a very spooky urn feeling. Enjoy your ‘urn’ and add it to your Halloween decorations.


Gather a branch from outdoors about twenty inches in length. Take a branch that has fallen on the earth, not from a living tree. Be kind to the tree. Remove any twigs from it and leaves. Discard them and bring the branch indoors. Paint the branch black and let dry. Then obtain black bristle board and a bat template. You will also need a hole puncher, scissors and string. Cut out the bats from the bat template using your scissors. Make as many as you wish. Hole punch each black bat made from the bristle board. Loop string into the holes and string the black bats onto the branch. Knot the ends of the loops and arrange the black bats on the branch as you desire. Hang the black bat mobile over a mantle or at a window.


2 parts cinnamon, 1 part ground cloves, 1 part dragon’s blood resin, 1 part hyssop, 1 part patchouli, 2 parts rosemary, 1 part sage, and a dash of sea salt. Add your ingredients to your mixing bowl one at a time. Measure carefully, and crush your ingredients in a mortar and pestle. As you blend, channel your intent into your herbs and resins. Try chanting an incantation like this one:

The veil is thin, the moon shines bright, I blend these herbs on Samhain night,/ Celebrating life and death and rebirth/ With these herbs from the cold earth/ I call upon my ancestors to bless and protect me this night. 

Store your incense in a labeled and sealed jar. Tie a ribbon around the jar and add a charm for a magical look. Use within three months so it remains charged and fresh. 


Buy a small pumpkin and cut off the top of the pumpkin. Scoop out the insides and save the seeds to roast. Consider what size of pumpkin you want. Gather your supplies together. You will need wick, wax, scissors, metal wax discs, a spoon for scooping out the flesh, a double boiler. 

Melt the wax in the double boiler. Secure the wick in the pumpkin to the bottom of the pumpkin’s inside. Keep the wick straight as you can.

Add scent or color to the wax in the pot. It is best if you dedicate a pot to candle wax. Stir before pouring. Once you’ve poured the wax, make sure the wick is centered and straight. Prop the wick up. 

Once the wax has cooled, you might notice a small indentation around the wick where the wax sunk. Fill it in with some remaining wax from the pot. Trim the wick to 1/4″ long.  If the inside of the pumpkin starts to burn, extinguish the candle. 


While we’re on the subject of pumpkins, give this a try, I saw the coolest picture on Facebook of a pumpkin painted black decorated with a crescent moon. To paint your own pumpkin (any way you want- try a triple moon!!), you will need a pumpkin! painter’s tape, and spray paint. 

Mark your design on the pumpkin with a pencil then cover with tape where you don’t want to paint. Spray the pumpkin with the spray paint of your choice. Allow it to dry for several hours before removing the tape. Paint where you removed the tape. Admire your artistic pumpkin. 


This will make your place smell beautiful. Use a lemon or an orange and cut it in half. Eat the middle portion (of an orange), and leave the center-core like stem intact. Pour kitchen oil like organic olive oil into the orange just below the top of the stem. Light stem. It will burn for hours and smell beautiful. 


Buy some oranges- the smaller ones are perfect for this project. Peel several oranges and cut the peels into several smaller pieces. Put the peels on a cookie sheet and bake the peels in the oven. Make sure the peels are face down.  Let the peels dry for 3 to 4 hours, checking on the peels every 15 minutes. Turn off the oven, letting the peels dry overnight. Grind to a powder with your mortar and pestle to a powder. Store in a pretty jar. 

Have some spooky fun with these enchanting crafts!

Past post #4 Oct.17,2018

Samhain is an ancient holiday honored by the Celts and Druids. It occurs between sunset of October 31st to November 1-2, it is halfway between the vernal equinox and winter solstice. People honored the dead, dressed up in costumes ( a tradition we still follow today).

So the veil between the worlds is what separates the unseen world from the seen world. It is the divider between the world of spirits and the living. Though some days at least in my home that veil wears thin and it occurs any time of the year. It is widely believed that the veil is thinner at Samhain.

Samhain is a time closely associated by many cultures as a season of death. Once October arrives, there is no season or holiday that is more thought of as the Death season than fall. We sense the shift in the energy, a crispness in the air, and adorn our decks with decorations that correspond with Death.

If you notice that your kitty, whether you have a black kitty or not, is staring at a spot more often than most times, it is probable there is a spirit around. Cats are psychic and more psychic than us mere mortals. Cats also guard a home and can even guide spirits over to the next realm. It is a tradition in some countries to let a cat inspect a home and cleanse it of any negative energies before the people move in. I would love to try that idea some time.

I encourage you all to try to reach out to spirits/ ghosts. Well don’t contact anything nasty. Never summon anything you can’t banish. It never goes well. But there are other friendlier less malovelent spirits in the astral realm that often want to guide or aid those they loved when they were alive. It is the ideal time to try though this can be done any time of the year.

Past post #5 Oct.7, 2020

I made a corn doll to represent my gratitude for all the blessings I have received over the year. I’ll tell you how I made the doll so you can make your own. 

Gather together two skewers, Kleenex, rubber bands, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, corn cob husks (dried but not stiff), fabric for the dress, and yarn for the hair. If you want, you can watch a tutorial on youtube on how to make a basic corn doll. Here is how I made mine:

I glued two skewers together to form a T – for the body. I trimmed the skewer I laid across the first skewer. The horizontal skewer formed the arms. The vertical skewer formed the body of the doll. If glue doesn’t hold it together, use duct tape. Then, I used quilt batting to form the head and laid a Kleenex over the batting. I secured the Kleenex over the batting using a rubber band. I pushed that down the skewer till it reached the skewer laying cross ways. Then I layered on the corn husks which I first soaked in warm water. I used a hot glue gun and rubber bands to form the body of the doll. You can also try this cool trick for the hands of the doll. Twist a corn husk in itself then lay it over the doll cross ways. Tie it there with string or a rubber band. Then turn the husk over itself. This should give the look of those lovely billowing puffy sleeves. I trimmed the excess. 

Once you have created the doll to your satisfaction and everything is lying securely, it is time to embellish the doll. I fashioned a witch hat for her. I also had a stash of orange yarn which I used to make her hair. I hot glued the yarn to her whole head to avoid any ‘bald’ spots then glued the witch hat on to her head. It looks so cool! I trimmed the long ends of her hair to keep it even. I bound her in a black tube dress. I stitched on black lace at the collar and pulled her body through. Then I stitched the sides of the tube dress and even stitched on an apron. Her husk arms show but I plan to embellish her hands and add a dress soon. This is my corn doll in the photo below:










I am really in the mood for Samhain. Yesterday afternoon, I was busy crafting up a storm! I thought I would share my own crafts with you to get you in the mood for our fave spooky Sabbat. I painted gourds, created a cool garland and conjured a candle. I will share here in this post how it was all done. So grab your craft supplies and a coffee!

The pumpkins were the easiest craft to do. Gather newspaper for the paint so it doesn’t stain everything else, flat paintbrushes, black acrylic paint, a palette or dish to hold the paint, and a pumpkin. The picture above shows the gourds when the paint dried. Brush a coat on being sure to cover over all the green or original orange coloring. Get the paint into every spot. Let the paint dry between coats. Leave the gourds on the newspaper in an area where they won’t be disturbed  to dry. Then store them with your other Halloween decorations. Black, orange, gold and white colors are good choices. 

Yes that is an Ouija board mousepad peeking out the photo there!










The Garland The garland was a bit harder to do. I had a thick stack of brown paper lunch bags just sitting there in a linens basket. I really wanted to do something special in terms of decorations this year. I cut out a 7-inch square of the lunch bags and thought about how I would decorate them. Paint each square orange. I decided that the papers would spell out ‘Trick or Treat’. Each bag or paper would be one letter except for “OR’.  Hole punch the top right and left corner of the bag to work the string through later. Measure the bags. Each one should be seven inches long roughly. Measure with a pencil or other marker 5 inches vertically. Then mark that on the bag. Don’t make the markings too obvious. Cut the bottom of the lunch bags to form a point. See the photo to see what I mean. The edges of the paper curled. So I cut out typing paper using one of the painted lunch bags as a template, and painted them black. When the paint dries, I will glue the black papers to the orange papers, remembering to hole punch the black pieces. When you string them up, be sure to have all the letter papers in the right order before you begin. Leave plenty of string. Don’t cut the string till you are sure you like how it is all arranged and you have hung the garland up on a mantle or window. One more tip: Have the black painted papers facing out not in. 

Here are a few more suggestions on how to decorate your home for Samhain. If you don’t have any cobwebs, cheesecloth is a good second choice. Save and paint fake (unless you are me and I save, clean and bleach chicken bones). Paint them gray, white or black. Arrange them for a Halloween/ Samhain centerpiece on your table or mantle. Let the guests wonder if they are real. Use fake vampire teeth to act as a napkin ring.

Lay a white tablecloth down on your table. Layer a black spiderweb lace tablecloth over the white cloth. Set down a black tray or a gold tray, depending on your preference. Then arrange all your beautifully bewitching painted gourds around a (fake-up to you-) human skull or animal skull. Tuck in the bones, maple leaves, gemstones, and maybe some sphagnum moss if you have it. Arrange tall black taper candles in used wine bottles behind the skull. Now you have a charming and magickal centerpiece on your table sure to spark conversation!








Past post #6 

Today we are going to look at how to contact spirits, cleanse a sacred space for the ritual, and how to protect yourself.

You can start to create a safe, protected space by first physically cleaning your living space and second, setting up the ritual space. Shower or bathe to purify yourself and remove any negativity. This step opens you up to the ritual. Use Epsom salts and no soap to purify yourself for the ritual. 

Put on a protective amulet or talisman that you hold sacred. Wear a ritual robe or loose clothing. Smudge your living space with sage, frankincense, rosemary, and/ or sandalwood. Asperge the corners of your living space with saltwater. Use your besom to sweep any lingering negative energy away and open the door of your home to cast the energy away from your space. This initial step may seem like a lot of work, but it is worth it and is important. This will help you create a boundary. If you don’t go to all the work, you may end up with more trouble than you were prepared for.

If you plan to sit during the ritual or stand at an altar, you should still erect a circle or triple circle. Not all spirits are good. It is vital that you set up sacred space and a defensive boundary to shield yourself. Light a white candle and consecrate, cleanse and dedicate the candle to the purpose of the ritual. Anoint the candle with oil. Use a sturdy candleholder to support the candle. Let the candle continue to burn. The spirit may be attracted to the heat source.

It is vital that you are in a proper frame of mind. Do not perform this is if you had an argument with a spouse or neighbor. Turn off the phones. Meditate first to open your chakras, and get you in the frame of mind.

Meditate with the intent of being calm and grounded. Ground and center yourself. Put a shield around yourself. Again, all this work is to protect you. If you have a spirit guide or animal totem, ask for their guidance during this ritual. They may rescue you from trouble at the last moment.

Setup your ritual/ seance space. Use light colors. Goth black is too dark and may attract darker energies into your living space-and refuse to leave. Use the washroom before you begin. Invite a friend over to keep you company and maybe help if things get out of hand. Say a prayer, cast your circle, and meditate again. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Do not use oiuja boards. They never bring good energy. I do not believe in them and refuse to ever have one in my home. They are more trouble than they are worth.

Open your chakras. With the white candle burning, the ambient incense wafting in the air, and maybe soft music playing, and your protective shields up and cast circle, you are ready to begin. Ask for a message from a loved one/ ancestor/ deceased relative. You must concentrate on communicating with a higher energy/ positive energy. You may recieve messages from many spirits. It is better if you do this with a friend or a group of people, unless you are SURE you can handle it by yourself, at which point you must be experienced. If you attract a malevolent entity, and this may happen, in spite of your shielding and circle, send it away. Be firm. Say something like, “You are not wanted here, but we thank you for your presence. Now it is time for you to move on.” If it refuses to leave, end the seance. Recast your circle and strengthen your shields. They seek vulnerable people. Strength is the best defence. This is why it is imperative that you are careful, cast a strong circle, and know how to draw a shield around yourself long before trying something like this. 

At the end of the seance, thank the spirits and help them move on to the Light. Asking spirits to show up and give you messages and not help them to the Light is not showing respect. They need to be helped, too. So show respect and offer a prayer. Smudge your home with sage to remove the unwanted lingering energies. Open the door to symbolize their exit. Close the door and let the candle and sage die down. Ground and center yourself and be sure that your home is clear of energies. You will know, because you will feel a change in the vibrations in the room. Sit down and ground yourself with some food and a drink. Do a visualization to feel your roots reaching into the earth and drawing up energy.

Once grounded and centered, and your home space is free and clear, you should perform something to take your mind off the ritual. Go out to a movie, call a friend, or walk outside. Do not stop till you feel good. Put out the candle before leaving. Sprinkle salt on your windowsills to keep them out and pour steeped sage tea around your property to ward away negative energies.

Remember to focus on positive vibrations and Higher energy.

Past post #7

How to throw a Halloween Soiree by Heddy Johannesen

First create spooky invitations for all of your friends, whether furry, human or undead. Or jazz a Facebook party event page and invite them there. Plan it ahead of time. Then enter your kitchen, summon your inner kitchen witch and throw open your cupboards. After a good scrub clean, evaluate what ingredients you have. Then brew some good munchies for your party ahead of time.

Then dig up your best Halloween decorations from last year. Or if you are like me and other weird people, you left your decorations up all year from the last creepy shindig. A black spidery tablecloth topped with black dishes, cutlery and black goblets are purrfect. Put them on the table and see your table set come to morbid life. Prepare a meal such as a hearty soup with fresh baked pumpkin bread and coffin cookies or chocolatey cupcakes. You did store your goodies next to the cold body parts in your freezer right?

Light candles, burn incense such as frankincense or mugwort (good for psychic divination), and sip spicy cider. Save some for your guests! Clean the house from top to bottom, including last year’s cobwebs. Kick long dead Aunt Em out the back door. No one will ever suspect and I won’t tell!!

Adorn the Halloween tree in the corner with the bats from the cellar and play Halloween tunes on the CD player. When your guests stroll in the door, they will be amazed but you’re not done yet. Entice them with spicy cider, carved pumpkins and offer a deck of tarot cards or share a tea leaf reading. Every guest could get a turn at their fortune being told. Set the table with bowls for that hearty stew you brewed and keep the pet bed in the bedroom? Wait- you don’t have a pet. Oh, the neighbor’s demon dog, oh throw him a human bone to gnaw on. He’ll be fine.

By now, the guests have feasted and settled. But you’re not done yet! Time to wake the dead! Bring out the Ouija board for the not faint of heart. Or burn a black candle dipped in mandrake essential oil and begin scrying to gaze into the future or spirit realm.  Cue the organ music in the background! Eat Halloween candy till your teeth rot and gulp ale while you wait for Houdini to materialize in your boudoir.

Don’t be surprised if your ancestors show up at the soiree too. They remember us and will guide us through life. Leave an offering of ale, apples or coins to avoid angering the spirits. Halloween is a magical time and pleasing the guests whether alive or dead should be what a party is all about, especially at Halloween. We are all blessed and we receive more guidance through life than we think, not only from the living, but from the dead if we are but aware of them. I wish you all a magical Halloween.

Past post #8

Samhain is almost here!! Grab your broomsticks, it’s time to fly!!

I am busy preparing for a party on Friday night. I baked well ahead of time and stored the yummy treats in the freezer. I would love to know what you have all conjured or brewed for Samhain. I also plan to hold an ancestral supper next week too. My dress project has been postponed.

There are just  not enough hours in a day for me to accomplish everything. But I may make your travail a little easier with some awesome totally do-able and affordable tips here for your own eerie Halloween gathering!! So get on your broomsticks and grab that cup of mocha!!

I like to buy good sized pumpkins ahead of time. By month’s end, only the soiled pumpkins remain at the stores. Never put them in the fridge. After Samhain  has passed, put your pumpkins in the garden to compost and nourish the soil.

You do not have to spend tons of money. I repeat, you don’t have to spend tons of money.

Buy black paper Halloween themed napkins, black plates and even black plastic cutlery at your local thrift or dollar store. Store them until needed. Even better, keep the ones still in reusable condition for next year.

Yes you can use acrylic paints on glass jars. I coated a jar with black paint within three days. I painted the inside of the jar with grey paint. Now it truly looks like a potions jar!

Bake ahead of time and store the food in the freezer. Haul your witchy goodies out just before the party.

If you want Samhain party decorating ideas, visit your local library for crafts books. Read them ahead of time so you can plan and create crafts. Use whatever craft supplies you already have on hand.

Stones and fallen tree branches are great free decorating supplies. Twigs and branches can be painted black for a spooky effect. Tape black bats or spiders to the branches and twigs. The spiders and bats can  be made from black cardboard paper.

I created my own cool book of shadows from a plain journal. I used magazine paper, painted it black on both sides, let it dry and then covered one side of the page with glue. I glued the page (now serving as a cover for the journal) to the journal cover. I stapled it where it didn’t stay down. I then did a stencil on the new book cover of a Celtic knot design and with purple marker, wrote in the words Book of Shadows. With grey acrylic paint, I worked in a grey spider web and a black spider on the cover. The journal looks really cool. And it hardly cost me a thing. I just used my imagination.

A party is a good time to put those witchy brooms and cauldrons that hide in the corner to use. Arrange your cauldron and besoms in one corner of your kitchen. But try putting something eerie, green and bubbling in the cauldron to create interest or burn incense. Hang the brooms up or cross them over a doorway no one will  use.

Make your own spooky party music mix!!

Roasted pumpkin seeds in a cauldron bowl are a great attraction. Recipes on the internet are free and available everywhere!

Score a cool Halloween black lace spiderweb tablecloth from the local dollar store. The ones I have are so nice they could be used any time and not just to adorn a table. I even got a Halloween black lace spiderweb table runner from the dollar store. If you really know how to look, you can get some great stuff there.

A black lace spidery tablecloth might look great over a plain white tablecloth! For an interesting centerpiece, arrange a fake skull, candelabra, (use melted crayons for red blood effect), dried flowers, black plates, pumpkins, wine glasses, cauldrons, a stack of plates and those cool Halloween napkins you scored earlier. It would stimulate discussion but also function and hopefully save on dish washing later. People really want the food.

For a sparkling cider, pour a jug of cider into a pot, and add rose petals, oranges with the peel, apples (chopped), and cinnamon sticks. This brew will warm your guest’s hearts and leave them begging for more. !

Still  not sure what to do with your black candles and incense bits? Well do remember fire safety. Consider if pets and kids are around. Burn candles but maybe leave curious Felix the cat in another room. Black draws in energy and does reflect Samhain but your apartment burning down and you getting evicted is NOT COOL! Keep candles away from curtains. Use glass covers for the candles if you can. Never leave candles unattended.

Or make your own cool Samhain essential oil brew and burn it in a nice oil burner to fragrance the room! Make your own spice mix and sprinkle it in a nice pot to fragrance the room. Use dragon’s blood, rosemary, frankincense, cinnamon, star anise stars, cloves, nutmeg, allspice and lemon for a pumpkin-ish delightful potion!

If you have lots of brown paper bags around, they are useful too! Trace and cut out an eerie black cat, spider or bat onto black paper or color the paper black. Then adhere them to the front of the paper bag. With a pair of scissors, cut up the tops of the paper bags. Store candy or party favors in the bag. Tie with a ribbon. Offer them to guests when they leave.

Those are some great tips on how to have fun and save money.

Past post #9

8 Paranormal Games You Should Never Play

Are you tired of playing those usual boring board games you’ve been playing for years? Are you looking for something more thrilling? More adrenaline? More hair-raising, bone-chilling, and blood-curdling games? If you answered yes, then read on for the most scary paranormal games ever played.

You don’t need to be a staunch believer in the supernatural to be able to play these. Just being a thrill-seeker is enough. What this list will do to you as a person, we don’t know.

But what we know is that those who have ever played these have vowed to never ever try them again. It’s all fun and games until you figure out that you’re playing with a demon.

Elevator to another dimension

This game comes from Korea, and playing it is said to take you to an entirely different universe, via the elevator you’re in. All you need is a building with elevators and 10 floors. Just make sure when you board the elevator, you’re alone.

Once you’re in the elevator, you visit the floors in this sequence, 4,2,6,2,10,5. It is said that when you reach the 5th floor, a woman will enter, provided you did the ritual right. The woman will ask you where you’re going but you should remain silent. Don’t reply her. Then the elevator will automatically ascend to the 10th floor, instead of going down to the ground floor. When you get to the 10th floor this time, you can leave and you’ll be in an entirely new world. Once you’re tired of the new dimension, you can enter the elevator again and come back to your own world using the same combination.

The real scares happen if you answer the woman, nobody who’s ever talked to the woman has lived to tell the tale.

Three kings ritual

Another famous game, it’s said to enable you to tap into another dimension. You need to play this is a particularly large room, like a court room. And there must not be any natural light in the room, so you’ll do well to try this in a basement. All you need for the game is a candle, two mirrors, three chairs and some object from your childhood.

Once you’ve kept all these things in the basement, you leave the door open and go sleep in your bed. Make sure you go sleep in your own room. You will need to wake up at 3.30AM and go to the room where you set up the things, if they’re all still in their place, you can carry on with the ritual. You should sit on the chair you kept and wait for 3.33AM, with the candle lit in your hand. Don’t let the candle die out and don’t look in the mirror, instead look at the darkest corner in the room.

If you’ve done everything right, you’ll feel a presence in the room at exactly 3.33AM. It should talk to you about your past. Some people have even said this game puts you in a lucid dream.
We can’t know until you try and share the experience. If you dare.

Ouija Board

The Ouija board is probably the most famous amongst these. The Ouija board has numbers and alphabets written on it. It’s said the board was made to summon spirits from the supernatural dimension, and it’s said that some have actually been able to summon Lucifer himself! ( Nope- not trying that one!)

Most of the researchers working on the paranormal have advised against casually using the Ouija. They say it’s a doorway to unknown dimensions and you never know what will happen if you casually use it. It’s said once you have summoned a demon or spirit, you should never ask it for proof, such as blowing candles out, or moving an object. If you do, you’ll be giving the demon permission to enter your world, and that, my friend, is something you don’t want.

One man hide and seek

The one man hide and seek originated in Japan and is originally called the Hitori Kakurenbo. It’s a game where you’re playing hide and seek with a spirit-possessed doll. You need to take a stuffed doll, remove the stuffing inside and fill it with rice. Add a part of yourself in the doll, such as a hair or a fingernail. You need to sew back the doll with a red thread. And wrap the doll with the red thread.

You need to give the doll a name, and keep it in a tub or basket filled with water. Then you should go on and turn off the lights in your house, fill your mouth with salt water and go back to look for the doll, which you may not find in the tub now. You’ll need to look for it and when you find it pour the salt water over it and burn it. And then hide. And wait. But those who’ve tried it say you won’t have to wait for long before you know someone’s looking for you in the house.

Midnight game

The most popular and commonly played game on this list, the Midnight Game takes you to extremes if you want to play. It’s believed to be an old pagan ritual that was originally used to punish those who disobeyed religion. Playing this game, you summon the Midnight Man and you need to keep running from him until 3:33AM. Make sure you don’t get caught for unspeakable horrors await if you lose.


It’s not very complicated to play this game, and it can also be played with more than one person. Just remember that those who’ve played this have strictly advised against the idea of playing it again. Some have reported hallucinating for days after playing and living in fear and misery for the rest of their lives.

Daruma – san

Daruma-san literally translates as ‘Bath Game’. It’s another game that comes from Japan. You summon a ghost or a spirit in this one too and try and evade it. The ritual for this however differs greatly. You go to the bathtub, entirely naked, with all the lights in the house turned off. You sit in the bathtub facing the tap and start washing your hair. While you’re washing your hair, you keep repeating these exact words ‘Daruma-san fell down’, over and over again.

Soon you will see an image of woman standing in front of the bathtub, facing you. She falls down on the tap and injures her eye. You keep on repeating the words and finish washing your hair. Once you finish washing your hair, you need to say these words just once, “Why did you fall in the bathtub?” Then leave and go sleep because the actual game will start the next day. You will constantly feel a presence near you but you need to keep some distance between yourself and the presence. You will always be on the run. In case you feel the presence is too near, you need to turn around, imitating a slapping movement with your hands and say “kitta!”

The hooded man

The Hooded Man is almost like the Elevator game. It takes you to another dimension. This time, you’re accompanied by the Hooded Man. You need to cleanse yourself before you can start playing this one. Burn a sage and spread salt on your front door to begin the ritual.

At night the same day, you need to go and call for a cab. Once the cab comes, you sit in it, close the doors and go to sleep. You will wake up at 3:30AM, look at the time and fall asleep again. But this time when you wake up, you’ll see a Hooded Man behind the wheels and the road you’re driving on will be unfamiliar. If some other passengers climb in the cab you should never pay attention to them.

You can keep on travelling in this new world, or you can simply whisper in the Hooded Man’s ear that you’ve reached you destination. Once you whisper these words, you’ll fall asleep again and wake up in your house.

Closet game

This game is more scary than the rest because here you’ll not be summoning a ghost or a spirit, but a full-fledged demon. For this ritual, you need to stand inside a dark closet and hold up an unlighted match. Then say out loud, “show me the light or leave in darkness.” If you hear someone whispering near you ear, light the match instantly. If you fail to light up the matchstick soon enough, it’s said that the demon will drag you into a deep dark abyss, from where there is no return.

The same can happen if you start looking around when you hear the whispering. You just need to light up the matchstick. When you light up the match, you need to step out of the closet making sure the match doesn’t burn out or blows off. But from that day on, you need to be very careful while looking for things inside you closet since now it’s haunted by a demon!


I hope this scares you out of trying these games for shits and giggles. When you check that dark corner of your bedroom- and we all want to feel safe in our homes, right? Right- and a demon stares back, well… I speak from personal experience. The Otherworld is not a nice place. If something does end up becoming a serious problem in your home, buy some sage, a cross, even a pentacle, get a priest, scatter salt at your doors and windows, and just pray it leaves. I have witnessed spirits in my home. They have made me feel uncomfortable. It is not a game. But I hope that was fun to read!

Past post #10

I’m excited to share a few awesome tips with you. my dear readers, on how to preserve your pumpkins! We all love to carve pumpkins whether it be goofy or ghastly. Samhain is almost here! So put on Nightmare before Christmas or Monster Mash, sip cider, and whip out your pumpkin carving tools. 

Before you carve, set down newspaper on your countertop or table, depending on where your workspace is. Wash, dry and put away the dishes. Create a clean workspace. It is so much easier. Now the way I do this may not be your way but fret not. Get everything clean and fresh. Ok let’s get to work. 

Before you carve your orange squash, there a few things you can do that will preserve your pumpkin for much longer – and help you get your money’s worth out of the pumpkin. You will need bleach, water, the pumpkin, a large bowl and a timer. Mix a few tablespoons of bleach to water and fill the bowl with the mixture. It may have to be a large bowl to hold the pumpkin. Put the pumpkin in the bowl. Set your timer for twenty minutes. When that time is up, dip your pumpkin upside down to remove any extra water from it. Let it dry. It should dry quick. You can also add a silica gel pack to the inside of the pumpkin. When the pumpkin has dried, then brush it all over with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice and water.  This helps your pumpkin maintain it’s freshness for a lot longer. 

Then you know the drill – etch in your design with a pencil or a sharpie pen. Then carve your pumpkin! I hope you have fun with it. It is meant to be fun. 

When your eerie jack o lantern has outlived its usefulness, don’t toss it in the trash. Instead, compost it in the garden. The pulp and fleshy stuff I pulled out of the pumpkin was added to my garden. You feed a lot of insects and critters. Yup they will love you for it.  I roasted the seeds. 

It goes without saying be careful with candles. 

I wish you all a merry Samhain!

Blessings, Spiderwitch




Eli Roth and Zak Bagans Bringing Horror Anthology Series “The Haunted Museum” to Discovery+ This Halloween [Trailer]

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Autumn Recipes – Apple Chutney & Applesauce

Merry meet all,

We all feel that telltale chill in the air. My garden must be feeling the chill.. I just harvested tomatoes and a cucumber. The pumpkin vine struggles to grow before the frost claims it and the rest of the garden. The wind blows hard through the trees. I am thankful for the frost blanket that protects my plants. The cucumbers will be the final harvest.

Let’s begin October on the right buckled shoe! It’s time to dig out your favourite cozy winter woollies.  One of my favourite sweaters to wear in the fall hails from Killstar. I love the long black sweater because of the graphic Purr Evil. ( I am but not as evil as my cat, ok, just kidding). I have a few other warm woolly sweaters, and I love the black cable knit pullover cardigan. It matches everything I wear and always looks great. Always wash your sweaters in cold water and allow to air dry. They will last years. Dig out scarves, mitts and gloves. Brush them clean of dust or hair. Put away the summer gear. It’s hard yeah but we need to protect our health.

Now that you are all cozy and styling, venture outdoors for a lovely nature walk. Gather pinecones, acorns, flowers, seeds for next spring, and chryanthemums or marigolds. View the change of the colors of the tree leaves. Feel the fresh crisp air blow your hair. Observe the birds and squirrels storing their seeds away for the long cold rest. Carry a cup of joe or chai tea with you to guard against the chill. Collect apples in a basket – but first get permission if you have to to pick them – to make applesauce or chutney. Grab a pumpkin and now you are all set! You can melt wax in a double boiler and coat gorgeous fiery coloured autumn leaves to preserve them. If  you have a press, save the leaves and then press them into your Book of Shadows. Make your own paper with flowers you saved from your nature walk. Create an original pumpkin carving design. Download herbal tea recipes suited for fall. Invite your friends out to a big pumpkin patch and. or apple picking lot. 

Apple folklore
The apple has taken a prominent place in world mythos, often associated with magic, paradise, and the gifts of knowledge and sensual experience. … Apple has been called Fruit of the Gods, Fruit of the Underworld, and the Silver Bough due to her associations with the underworld.

Now what to do with all those apples? Simple. Try making this chutney. Your pals will be impressed. 


Prep Time: 30 minutes.     Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Cook Time: 45 minutes


  • 2 pounds apples
  • 1 1/2 cups apple cider vinegar
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar or coconut sugar
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1 onion, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp coriander seeds
  • 1 tsp fennel seeds
  • zest of one orange
  • 1 cup water

Gather all the ingredients. One tip for keeping apples and pumpkins fresh is to combine one part white vinegar with 4-6 cups water. Put it in a bowl and dip the fruit into it. If the pumpkin is large, then rub the mixture over the whole pumpkin then let dry. They will last you longer. Core, peel and chop the apples and the onion. Add the ingredients to a good sized pot. Mix all the ingredients together. Don’t let this burn. Cook at medium heat, bring to a boil then let it simmer for 45 minutes to an hour. Stir frequently. Taste test the chutney to ensure the ingredients are blending nicely. Check the acidity of the chutney. 

Remove pot from heat and allow to cool. Store the chutney in jars. Wipe the rims of the jars before tightening the lids. You can if you wish preserve the jars in  a water bath canner for 10-15 minutes. Label the jar before storing. 



  • Ingredients
    4 pounds of apples (about 8 to 10 apples, depending on the size), peeled, cored, and quartered (use apples varieties that are good for cooking such as Granny Smith, Pippin, Gravenstein, Mcintosh, Fuji, Jonathan, Jonagold, or Golden Delicious)
    2 strips of lemon peel (use a vegetable peeler to strip the zest only, not the pith)
    3 tablespoons lemon juice or apple cider vinegar (more or less to taste)
    1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    Up to 1/2 cup of white sugar (can sub half of the white sugar with brown sugar)
    1 cup of water
    1/2 teaspoon of salt

Boil peeled, cored, quartered apples with lemon, cinnamon, sugar, salt in 1 cup water:
Place the peeled, cored, and quartered apples into a large pot. Add the strips of lemon peel, the lemon juice or vinegar, cinnamon, sugar, water and salt. (You might want to start with half the sugar at this point and add more to taste later.)

Bring to a boil on high heat, then lower the temperature, cover the pot, and maintain a low simmer for 15-20 minutes, until the apples are completely tender and cooked through.

Remove lemon peels, mash the cooked apples:
Once the apples are cooked through, remove the pot from the heat. Remove the lemon peels.

Use a potato masher to mash the cooked apples in the pot to make a chunky applesauce. For a smoother applesauce you can either run the cooked apples through a food mill, or purée them using a stick blender or a standing blender. (If you use a standing blender, do small batches and do not fill the blender bowl more than halfway.)

If the applesauce is too thick, add more water to thin it out.

If not sweet enough, add more sugar to taste. If too sweet, add more lemon juice.

This applesauce is delicious either hot or chilled. It pairs well with pork chops for savory dishes, it’s terrific with cottage cheese as a snack or light lunch, and it’s great with vanilla ice cream or yogurt. Label the jar before storing it. 

Freezes well and will last at least a year in a cold freezer. If you freeze it, make sure to allow enough headroom in your jar for expansion. At least an inch.

If you are truly keen on harvesting herbs for autumn, elderberries, burdock and dandelion are good healthy choices. Take cuttings of chives, mint, sorrel, sage, lavender, rosemary, thyme, oregano, Harvest all the basil. Dip the cuttings into a rooting hormone powder and plant them in a terracotta pot with fertilizer enriched soil. Save the seeds from the garden. I harvested a huge patch of lemon balm. I now have more seeds than I will know what to do with. When the seed heads of lavender are brown, that is the time to harvest the seeds. Whether you save seeds in a paper bag or a jar, label, label, label!! You need to know sage from sorrel. So you won’t recall what seed is which a few months from now. Don’t leave it to memory. Download pretty labels and get creative! 

You can have tons of fun during autumn and be creative in the kitchen. If you grew a bounty of herbs during the summer, why not use them in your favourite recipes? Or learn a new recipe. I never made chutney before but it sure enlivened my tastebuds. Wow. 

Blessed Be, Spiderwitch





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Halloween Haunts 2021

Merry meet all,

It’s that eerie time of year again. I bet you are all working hard at work yet working just as hard to be ready in time for Samhain. I hope you can take some out of your day to enjoy these blog posts. The Horror Writers Association hosts an annual blog event of which I”m participating in. The members of the organization all contribute their blog posts about their own experiences at Halloween. I find them fascinating to read and I hope you do too. 

I will include the links here for your reading enjoyment. !! Have fun. My post is scheduled for October 11th. 

Here is the link to the Halloween Haunts blog page: 

Here are the blog links to the individual blog posts: 

Halloween Haunts: I Hear Dead People: Communicating with My Father (and Others) in Spirit by Valerie E. Weich

Halloween Haunts: Writing the Female Horror Body by Holly Lyn Walrath


Halloween Haunts: The Pandemic Party by Naching T. Kassa

Halloween Haunts: Freakling Forever by T.J. Tranchell

Halloween Haunts: Wicca is Alive and Well in Cleveland by Katherine Kerestman

Halloween Haunts: The Season Begins by Michael J. Moore

Halloween Haunts: Weird Women Take on Halloween: Five Early Halloween Works by Women by Lisa Morton

This is plenty of scary yet heartwarming reading for your perusal!!!! I shall post more on this as the month passes. I hope you take some time to read this. It will inspire you to get in the mood for everyone’s favourite time of year. 

I made apple chutney last night. Mmmm. I’m continuing in my awesome herbalism course. I received my mystery box of witchy items from Etsy. In the box was a divination cloth to use with pendulum, a lovely tarot card (Truth), a small BOS, a beautiful pendulum, a pentacle, bay leaves, palo santo incense cones, a tiny bell, loose herbs, an essential oil bottle – tiny, a red tealight candle, rose quartz, red jasper, a leaf sticker, a sunstone, and a smudge feather. Beautiful and in time for Samhain!! 

Here is a playlist to get. you in the mood!!!

Happy Samhain Preparing

Blessed Be, Spiderwitch

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October Harvest


Merry meet all,

October is here!! I am so excited I hope you are too. I have a small pumpkin dwarfed by my  HUGE pumpkin. I am storing them for Samhain. I’m busy prepping for Samhain I look forward to reading the honking’ huge October newsletter produced by the Horror Writers Association. My blog post about doing a paranormal investigation goes live on October 11th, as part of the Halloween Haunts blog event. I was interviewed by Amanda for the Feminine Macabre interview. That went live on the 29th. Lots happening!!!

This is the time to stock up on root veggies! I have a few squashes, pumpkin in chunks, applesauce, elderberry jam stored away. Yup the cold season has arrived. Like it or not though, it does entice us with the gifts it brings, such as ciders, stews, foods to keep us warm and healthy. I have to puree the pumpkin, which I will do tomorrow. The rind on the squashes is so hard it’s like wood. I have no idea how to cut through that. Pumpkins can be cooked into breads, soups, pies and cookies. I buy smaller pumpkins for cooking – and roasting seeds. I get larger pumpkins for carving. Pureed pumpkin can be stored in the freezer. Once you puree squash, you have a variety of healthful options available for you. Butternut squash also makes good soups. Add ginger, cayenne, and lemon for some tantalizing flavour. 


I want to harvest the remaining herbs from my garden before the heavy frost sets in. I have to collect all the lemon balm ( a huge task in itself(, the oregano, some thyme, lavender, and mint. I’m letting the tomatoes ripen on the vine. There is a risk of mildfrost tonight. Later in the month, the frost will be heavier. I bought a huge herb drying rack to dry my herbs. I am grateful for the space but it is too big. I figured it would cost too much to return it to Amazon. I nailed in a big hook in the wall. I need to store away a lot of herbs. The size of it helps. That is the only corner where I can hang it up. I’m just anxious because of the resident overly curious cat who may snoop and sniff out the herbs. Here is a photo of the rack:


But it will prove useful this fall and many years to come. I love fall. It is the most beautiful and magical time of year. The leaves are turning, pumpkins regal front decks and store baskets.This is a good time to harvest the herbs you grew with care all summer. Harvest herbs in the morning after the dew has dried but before the frost kills them. Let them dry completely before storing in jars to prevent mold from ruining the herbs. Put them in brown perforated paper bags, tie them upside down to dry or arrange them on cookie sheets to dry. Then, once totally dry and crisp, you are free to use them for tincture making, syrups, teas, cordials or whatever suits your fancy. Know the herbs from each other too. It is so easy to mistake lemon balm from mint. They look and smell alike when dry. It’s easy to confuse yourself. 

I went to the Farmers Market this morning. I forgot a turnip, but I did come home with carrots, leeks, basil + oregano sea salt, and parsnip. – and alcohol cider.  I love parsnip and crunchy sweet carrots. Later, I bought hamburger meat. I can now make stew. Yum!! The farmers market at the Forum was smaller than the market at Seaport. But since we are in a pandemic, a smaller market pleased me. I loved the cider. Oh my gosh it tasted so good. That man is a master at brewing cider wine. Wow I never tasted anything so fine. I am all set for fall. The people at the market ( forum) were so pleasant. I may return there. 

Last night, I removed mullein seed pods from the stalk. Unfortunately for me, the seed pods were hard as rock. I stored the seeds in a labeled jar. The seeds are toxic so I was careful. I am truly blessed with a harvest of herbs, veggies, seeds, and flowers. This is an ideal time to focus on what we harvested and to thank those who bestowed it upon us. Besides Mother Nature and Father sky, we can take the time to reflect who else is so generous to us. It’s a good time to give as generously to those who were good to us. That is an exchange of good energy and is a way of ensuring good energy follows you!!! The Universe hears everything you ask for, so keep sending out good energy and it will reciprocate. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch 


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Autumn Herbs

Merry meet all,

Tomorrow is October 1st. I have a new rolling cart to store my multiple jars of herbs. By. herbs, I mean of course seeds, bark, leaves, flowers. I had to assemble the cart and that was a nightmare. Are you all getting ready for Samhain? I am! I am also preparing for the Materia Medica course I am taking at the Herbal Academy in addition to the Introductory Herbal course I am already taking. That does involve getting more organized, which is why I bought the cart.

I ordered seeds from a company on Etsy. They are as follows; German chamomile, black swan poppy, Scott bonnet pepper, black cumin, purple echinacea, halloween calendula, Howden pumpkin, borage, sunflower, black tar poppy, chef’s pick parsley, Larkspur, anise, purple echinacea, purple salsify, Vietnamese cilantro, and foxglove blend. Next spring, I will be having fun planting all that!  I gathered the Chinese lanterns, burdock seeds, mullein seeds, and I will soon gather the nasturtium seeds from my garden. I gathered mullein in an empty field and it also grows on the nature trail. A witch hazel grows on the trail too! 

A materia medica means healing materials. It basically means a book about herbal profiles. The profiles are called monographs. I plan to have the most amazing material media by the time I am done studying. The material media course teaches you how to complete a herbal profile. I have access to the Herbarium. I can download any herb monograph I choose to. I ordered a herb journal – titled My Herbology journal, A Green Witch Journal from Amazon. I also ordered a paper making screen deckle and mold! 

Here is the link to the journal:

 Several herbs that I need for the course grow on the nature trail. Goldenrod, burdock, mullein, asters, raspberry, elderberry, chokeberry, coltsfoot, queen Anne’s lace, black elderberry, staghorn sumac, creeping juniper, perennial sow thistle, red clover, and  thistle all grow on the trail. I may have already mentioned this. I have an app on my phone that helps me identify plants. If you want to forage in the wild, bring gloves to protect you, a charged cellphone that has an app for identifying plants, wear something to protect you from bug bites and poisonous plants, a water bottle to stay hydrated, and scissors. It helps to carry a big plastic bag or cloth bag to hold the herbs you gather. Don’t consume anything if you are not sure. You could make yourself sick. I want to gather goldenrod next summer to dye a piece of fabric yellow. I just want to try it. !!!

I still have to dehydrate the elderberries. I brewed a jar of elderberry, rhubarb and blueberry am.  I should added cinnamon and clove. I am making a jar of elderberry tincture. The berries were dried and I added vodka. I labeled the jar and also lined the top of the jar with natural waxed paper. The metal can’t contaminate the mixture. I can’t wait to try it. But I do want to caution: elderberries contain cyanide, so please if you make a remedy using elderberries, use black or purple berries – not green, and be careful. I will make the tincture last a long time. I don’t plan to consume it every day. The berries are not cooked for making a tincture. Some cyanide could still be present in the berries. Everything in moderation. 

I gathered herbs for my first lesson in the materia medica course. They were lemon balm, goldenrod, thyme, lavender, mint and chamomile. It grows in the garden and on the nature trail.I need to study the herbs for the courses. (What a hardship, eh?) There are so many herbs to learn about and I live in the right environment. Fall is here. Many of the plants are winding down for the long cold rest. The nature trial is now full of the thistles, queen Anne’s lace, burdock, goldenrod all going to seed. The queen Anne’s lace seedbeds resemble bird’s nests. 

I have to collect the raspberries from my garden. The tomatoes are still ripening. The pumpkin patch is growing! I have tried for 11 years to grow a pumpkin patch and now I have! Hopefully the frost will hold off! I pickled my own cucumbers. The flavour is truly divine. I stored two jars of applesauce in the freezer too. I am well stocked. I have to puree the pumpkin. So much to do, so little time. 

I am enjoying my studies at the Herbal Academy. Well obviously right? I decorate my binder with butterfly stickers, protect the notes and printouts in sheet protectors, and do my best to keep it organized. I want to be a herbalist and work in a trade that involves herbs. It will be a long road but an interesting one!!

The link to the Herbal Academy- in case you want to study there!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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