Jack o Lanterns 101

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I’m excited to share a few awesome tips with you. my dear readers, on how to preserve your pumpkins! We all love to carve pumpkins whether it be goofy or ghastly. Samhain is almost here! So put on Nightmare before Christmas or Monster Mash, sip cider, and whip out your pumpkin carving tools. 

Before you carve, set down newspaper on your countertop or table, depending on where your workspace is. Wash, dry and put away the dishes. Create a clean workspace. It is so much easier. Now the way I do this may not be your way but fret not. Get everything clean and fresh. Ok let’s get to work. 

Before you carve your orange squash, there a few things you can do that will preserve your pumpkin for much longer – and help you get your money’s worth out of the pumpkin. You will need bleach, water, the pumpkin, a large bowl and a timer. Mix a few tablespoons of bleach to water and fill the bowl with the mixture. It may have to be a large bowl to hold the pumpkin. Put the pumpkin in the bowl. Set your timer for twenty minutes. When that time is up, dip your pumpkin upside down to remove any extra water from it. Let it dry. It should dry quick. You can also add a silica gel pack to the inside of the pumpkin. When the pumpkin has dried, then brush it all over with a mixture of vinegar, lemon juice and water.  This helps your pumpkin maintain it’s freshness for a lot longer. 

Then you know the drill – etch in your design with a pencil or a sharpie pen. Then carve your pumpkin! I hope you have fun with it. It is meant to be fun. 

When your eerie jack o lantern has outlived its usefulness, don’t toss it in the trash. Instead, compost it in the garden. The pulp and fleshy stuff I pulled out of the pumpkin was added to my garden. You feed a lot of insects and critters. Yup they will love you for it.  I roasted the seeds. 

It goes without saying be careful with candles. 

I wish you all a merry Samhain!

Blessings Spiderwitch

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Merry meet all,

I now blog for Blood Reign Lit. Here is my first post!! Take a look. Here is the link to my pots on the Blood Reign Lit blog. 


The Post:


October 17, 2020|Ghosts, Horror-Ween 2020


“They’re heeeeeeere”

Poltergeist is Steven Spielberg’s and Tobe Hooper’s vision of a suburban ghost story. That is what made the movie terrifying for me. The horrors occur in the home of the Freeling family- Diane and Steve, the loving parents and their three kids, Carol Anne, Dana and Robbie. Carol Anne speaks to a TV one night. The spooky occurrences are harmless at first until Carol Anne is whisked off to the Otherworld. Then the ghosts have no intention of releasing her from their spectral clutches. 

The Freeling family turns to a parapsychologist for help to get their daughter back. They meet an exorcist who senses the powerful evil hovering over their home. Steve’s real estate boss has a chat with Steve one afternoon. Steve may have helped it happen when Carol Anne was kidnapped.  He finds out his home and the other homes in the neighborhood are built right over dead bodies. They never moved the bodies, only the headstones. This has disastrous consequences on the Freeling family. Coffins push through the floorboards; corpses pop up in the swimming pool and meat crawls down the kitchen counter. Their home becomes a harrowing house of horrors, but they never give up on rescuing Carol Anne. The special effects are amazing- who can ever forget that tree that was about to carry Robbie off to an ominous tornado or the diabolical clown? Poltergeist has a chilling element of believability that will haunt you long after the movie is over. 

I highly recommend Poltergeist for a classic haunted house horror movie. I never watched the remake because it will never surpass the original. 

I love that movie. I look forward to writing more movie reviews and such for Blood Reign Lit. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Writing Modern Horror

Merry meet all,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Here is my blog post that I wrote for the Horror Writers Association annual Halloween Haunts blog post event. 


Horror has a seductive hold on us. Horror is like a tentacle crawling from the crypts of our darkest dreams to suck us into horrific nightmares. If done properly, it casts a dark magic, sending chills down readers’ spines.

Now is the time, now is the hour. In my opinion, horror movies such as Insidious 1-2The Possession of Hannah Grace, and Sinister aren’t scary to me. I am an avid writer of horror fiction and I am well read. In order to give readers or viewers the fright royale, readers should be too afraid to not leave the lights on all night and hide under the covers. And curse the writer because they can’t put the book down.

The writer must make extra effort to horrify jaded readers. There is a difference between horrifying and terrifying. One of the two you experience more deeply. Terror is more potent. I won’t watch The Exorcist which deals with similar themes as the movies mentioned above. The Exorcist doesn’t turn away from the revolting horror, it stares it in the eye. It makes you look too, when you don’t want to. -and doesn’t let go. The same is true for Silence of the Lambs. But it doesn’t need to gross readers necessarily just to be scary.

Novels such as Dracula and Frankenstein reflected the time or era in which they were written. In Victorian times, darkly romantic fanged noblemen were scary because the society had different fears and beliefs about death than now. Those fears wouldn’t faze us today. Anne Rice made vampires intimidating and sexy. That is why the novels were successful. Today, writers like Suzanne Collins draw from what they view in the world today. We are more sophisticated now yet desensitized at the same time.

If you are interested in penning a horror story, I suggest the following tips: Get out of your own comfort zone. Change the environment where you write. Bring your writing pad, coffee, and lurk in a cemetery, visit a haunted location or a morgue, or research the folklore of your hometown. You might create something original, which can be helpful. Go on a trip to a quiet seaside town that has a paranormal history. Be safe as you explore new eerie cemeteries or towns. Getting out of your comfort zone breathes new life into your writing. Buy a tarot deck to inspire you, read dark poetry of a poet you never heard of.

Trust in yourself. If you’re fearful while writing the story, there’s a good chance your reader will be too. Pay attention to your dreams. Often dreams reflect our daily lives and what is hidden in our subconscious. Heed your insights and flashes of inspiration. I penned a dark novel based on a flash of inspiration that I would never have dreamed up otherwise. Learn all you can and be open minded. Then when you have created your villainous monster, you can make him or her or it the main character. Be true to your creation, your own monster. Your readers will recognize the true effort you put in.

We have global communication today. We can see the world events on the Internet. The Internet opened a window into the savage truth that we could be in the grip of an almost impending apocalyptic doom. Now that is scary.

The following books are helpful such as On Writing by Stephen King, On Writing Horror- the collection of essays by the Horror Writers Association, The Horror Writer by HellBound Books, Writing Monsters by Phillip Athans, and writing the Paranormal Novel- Techniques and Exercises by Steven Harper. These books go into real detail about writing about the paranormal. Within this genre, there is more freedom to create what you want whether that be a sparkly vampire, toothy werewolf, or chain rattling ghost.

After you read these books, highlight the advice, and incorporate the advice into your writing. For a good story about a ghoul of choice to be believed, it must be believable and written well. All stories benefit from good writing. Be consistent about the traits, superpowers, or awesome abilities your monster has. We all know vampires hate garlic and sleep in coffins, but maybe a coffin-shaped bookcase could be their nesting spot during the daytime.

Clean your writing/ office space. Light some sage and clean the energy to allow for the creative energies to flow unimpeded. Light a candle or incense. Play music that inspires you as you create your ghoul or axe-wielding maniac. Create a special playlist and soundtrack. Buy a new set of highlighters, pens, white out, a binder, paper, and a fresh bag of coffee. Do what it takes to make you commit to the writing for the long haul.

Keep a routine when you sit down to work on your story. Reach into the deepest darkest part of your imagination. Free write a scene of confrontation between your protagonist and your monster. Or the monster is the protagonist? These days your demon or ghoul needs to be ORIGINAL. Everything in the paranormal novel realm has been done … or has it? That part is up to you. Know your monster! Make it consistent and believable. It must be original. If you are seeking more inspiration, clip and keep newspaper articles. Read widely in your chosen genre. That will let you know what has already been written by other authors.

Allow yourself to imagine, you may invent something that no one has done before. That is a huge advantage in the field of writing and publishing. Being original and true to your monster is extremely important. The world wants to read a story that has never been written before. They do not want thirty knockoffs of It or The Babaduk. For example, I published a short story about pumpkins that can eat people. The vines can extend themselves and the pumpkins were toothy and bloodthirsty. Talk about a real twist on our favorite squashes!

The Horror Writers Association has helped me as a writer. There are many others out in this crazy world who crave a good horror story as much as I do and I don’t feel so alone. They prove readers still want to be scared.

Audiences and readers today have seen everything. A novel can be successful still, but writers must be unabashedly original to truly terrify their readers. Look at what is happening in society. The monsters of yesterday are not the monsters of today. It worked for Stephen King and Thomas Harris and with luck, it can work for you too. I hope you have enjoyed reading this. It might spark an idea or two and you would then be on your way to writing a Gothic novel like Northanger Abbey or something like the Pit and the Pendulum by Poe.

My writing has appeared in Ghosts, Spirits and Specters Volume 2, Samhain SecretsWax and Wane: A Gathering of Witchy TalesOne Night in SalemUntimely Frost; Poetry Unthawed, One Hellacious Halloween Volume 1 by Horror Novel ReviewsThe Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow GodsThe Queen of the Sky who Rules over All the Gods: A Devotional Anthology in honor of BastCrone Newsletter EzineEternal Haunted Summer EzineWitches and Pagans MagazineEssential Herbal magazineCircle MagazineNaming the Goddess and Paganism 101

My blog can be found at: https://theparanormalquill.wordpress.com.

My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ghosts.spiritsandapparitions

BB Spiderwitch

Links of interest: 


The 14 Best Vampire Movies Ever Made


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Snake + Spider Stew Wreath

Merry meet all,

Move over, Skellington. The Queen of Halloween is here! I will tell how I finished the wreath so you can have your own!! It’s easy and affordable to do!

I let the wreath dry overnight on a black plastic bag. I removed the wreath from the bag, it was sticky, and set it down on the countertop. I gathered a hot glue gun, a glue stick, and the large black widow spiders I bought at Spirit Halloween. I also had a jar of tiny black spiders- not real! 

I arranged the black widow spiders on the wreath in the best spots for them. I glued them on using the hot glue gun. Then I glued the skull on. But it didn’t stick so I will soon add a black widow spider there where the skull was. Then I glued the tiny black spiders to the wreath. 

I cleaned the wall and the candle holders where I wanted to hang the wreath. Then I hung the wreath above the stove. I wanted the wreath to be where I would always easily see it. It may hang there all year. I washed the candleholders with soap and hot water. I returned them to the tealight candle holders. I lit them and the effect was truly spooky!

Here is a photo of the snake and spider stew wreath!


Cool huh? You can do it yourself. It is so easy! I love my wreath. I hope you like it too. I hope this inspires you. Spiders are my totem and have always aided and protected me. 

You can add whatever you want to your wreath. The possibilities are endless. A wreath is a circle, a circle of continuity and symbolism. So since this is the Witches season, our time, pick what totem or symbol really stands out to you. 

It shows that if you use your imagination, you can create some beautiful – or spooky!


Stay spooky, Spiderwitch

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October Crafts

Merry meet all,

On this cool autumn morning, I took my big wreath and a can of black spray paint to the picnic table. I set the wreath down on the picnic table then painted it black using the spray can. It looks so cool now. I was careful to completely coat the wreath on both sides. Then I left the wreath to dry on my stone step and now it’s on the top of the bookcase. When it is fully dry in twenty-four hours, I will hot glue the black widow spiders, smaller spiders and the skull to the wreath. Note* I put a black plastic garbage bag under the wreath to avoid any stains or the wreath sticking to the bookcase. 

It looks like this now:         









I will post a photo when it is done. It will look really cool and spooky!

Tonight I plan to watch The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix. I do love a good ghost story! The wind is blowing hard here. That autumnal chill is in the air. The sky is grey and overcast. It’s October for sure. I plan to enjoy every minute of it. I don’t have to work too hard to decorate my home since it looks Samhain all year long in here. 

Samhain has hit me – well, technically it’s still Mabon, with an urge to be truly creative. I saw down to do sewing today. The wreath, changing my room around, the corn doll, and the desire to paint my furniture black. My only problem with painting is how to keep my kitty from it. I plan to barricade my bedroom, set down the drop cloth and start painting. I plan to do that once I finish the cosplay costume. One thing at a time. 

But today like the other time, something went wrong. That has been my week in a nutshell. The hot water was gone, this and that. Ugh anyway I hope the worst is over. So I will finish the costume once I buy more black thread. But doing one project at a time lets me focus on it more closely. 

Once the black stand the bookcase are painted black and the paint has dried, I want to add Halloween stickers. The black color will make the stickers look more natural. The Halloween skull faces will hopefully look like they are emerging from the bookcase- black paint. I have spider stickers to add too. Again, I promise pictures when I am done. 

I placed photos of my beloved late pets and of my grandfather on my altar today. I lit sage and a candle. I welcomed them to my space. It’s a tradition to acknowledge and honor those who have gone before us at this time. Here is a photo of my festive fall altar:










I love this time of year! I bought the skull hung above the altar at Spirit Halloween. I wish it was real! 

Tell me about your aspirations, traditions or crafts you do now. That voodoo you do!

Stay spooky!



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Corn husk doll DIY

Merry meet all,

The Horror Writers Association is hosting its annual blog event, Halloween Haunts this year!! So far the blog post entries have been scarily good to read. I am participating in the blog event. My post will be up on October 11th. I can’t wait! I enjoy being involved in this event!! It is great to read what other like minded horror authors have to say about Halloween! Here is the link: http://horror.org/2020/10/halloween-haunts-barbasol-and-terror/

The leaves are turning, the wind is chillier, and pumpkins grace our decks and yards. It’s that magical time of year! I found two awesome magazines about Witches that I can’t wait to read. The first one is called Witches- Inside their Mysterious World. The magazine features a Witch walking through the woods with her back to the camera. Centennial Entertainment produced the magazine. The second magazine is about Witches too and it was produced by National Geographic. I can’t wait to read them! 

I made a corn doll to represent my gratitude for all the blessings I have received over the year. I’ll tell you how I made the doll so you can make your own. 

Gather together two skewers, Kleenex, rubber bands, a hot glue gun and glue sticks, corn cob husks (dried but not stiff), fabric for the dress, and yarn for the hair. If you want, you can watch a tutorial on youtube on how to make a basic corn doll. Here is how I made mine:

I glued two skewers together to form a T – for the body. I trimmed the skewer I laid across the first skewer. The horizontal skewer formed the arms. The vertical skewer formed the body of the doll. If glue doesn’t hold it together, use duct tape. Then, I used quilt batting to form the head and laid a Kleenex over the batting. I secured the Kleenex over the batting using a rubber band. I pushed that down the skewer till it reached the skewer laying cross ways. Then I layered on the corn husks which I first soaked in warm water. I used a hot glue gun and rubber bands to form the body of the doll. You can also try this cool trick for the hands of the doll. Twist a corn husk in itself then lay it over the doll cross ways. Tie it there with string or a rubber band. Then turn the husk over itself. This should give the look of those lovely billowing puffy sleeves. I trimmed the excess. 

Once you have created the doll to your satisfaction and everything is lying securely, it is time to embellish the doll. I fashioned a witch hat for her. I also had a stash of orange yarn which I used to make her hair. I hot glued the yarn to her whole head to avoid any ‘bald’ spots then glued the witch hat on to her head. It looks so cool! I trimmed the long ends of her hair to keep it even. I bound her in a black tube dress. I stitched on black lace at the collar and pulled her body through. Then I stitched the sides of the tube dress and even stitched on an apron. Her husk arms show but I plan to embellish her hands and add a dress soon. This is my corn doll in the photo below:











I hope you like her as much as I do. It was a lot of work to create the doll. She is quite charming. I have yet to name her. 


The above link shows how you can make your own cork husk doll to celebrate the festive Halloween season. 

Here is the trailer for the most anticipated show on Netflix: (as far as I’m concerned!)


October is a magical month. Let’s make a vow to enjoy every moment of it. ! I vow. Do you? October is my favorite color. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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8 Paranormal Games you should never Play

Merry meet all,

Sorry for not posting sooner. My last week was an emotional rollercoaster. Now that that is under control, I am posting now to catch up. The most exciting Sabbat is almost here. Samhain!! I am excited as many of you are too.  Halloween merchandise fill the shelves, pumpkins are everywhere and I bet you are all busy choosing your costume!

Have any of you checked out the Haunting Hour on Netflix? oy. It’s inspired by R.L Stine’s infamous stories. I just watched the scariest episode. All these kids think they can make the scariest paranormal investigation videos. Three teens visit an abandoned mental hospital at night. The show was actually scary. I can’t get the image of the creaky old-fashioned wheelchair rolling down the shadowy dark hall at night on its own. Oh was that ever scary THEN the empty equally old-fashioned hospital bed creaking down the hall on its own was even scarier. I encourage you all to go check that show out… if you’re brave enough. 

Yes it’s that time of year again. I am all eager to watch The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix too! Want some more scares? Then read the post below. I am posting this to discourage you, my dear readers, from ever trying these bone-chilling games. No seriously, don’t do it. Once you open that door…

8 Paranormal Games You Should Never Play

Are you tired of playing those usual boring board games you’ve been playing for years? Are you looking for something more thrilling? More adrenaline? More hair-raising, bone-chilling, and blood-curdling games? If you answered yes, then read on for the most scary paranormal games ever played.

You don’t need to be a staunch believer in the supernatural to be able to play these. Just being a thrill-seeker is enough. What this list will do to you as a person, we don’t know.

But what we know is that those who have ever played these have vowed to never ever try them again. It’s all fun and games until you figure out that you’re playing with a demon.

Elevator to another dimension

This game comes from Korea, and playing it is said to take you to an entirely different universe, via the elevator you’re in. All you need is a building with elevators and 10 floors. Just make sure when you board the elevator, you’re alone.

Once you’re in the elevator, you visit the floors in this sequence, 4,2,6,2,10,5. It is said that when you reach the 5th floor, a woman will enter, provided you did the ritual right. The woman will ask you where you’re going but you should remain silent. Don’t reply her. Then the elevator will automatically ascend to the 10th floor, instead of going down to the ground floor. When you get to the 10th floor this time, you can leave and you’ll be in an entirely new world. Once you’re tired of the new dimension, you can enter the elevator again and come back to your own world using the same combination.

The real scares happen if you answer the woman, nobody who’s ever talked to the woman has lived to tell the tale.

Three kings ritual

Another famous game, it’s said to enable you to tap into another dimension. You need to play this is a particularly large room, like a court room. And there must not be any natural light in the room, so you’ll do well to try this in a basement. All you need for the game is a candle, two mirrors, three chairs and some object from your childhood.

Once you’ve kept all these things in the basement, you leave the door open and go sleep in your bed. Make sure you go sleep in your own room. You will need to wake up at 3.30AM and go to the room where you set up the things, if they’re all still in their place, you can carry on with the ritual. You should sit on the chair you kept and wait for 3.33AM, with the candle lit in your hand. Don’t let the candle die out and don’t look in the mirror, instead look at the darkest corner in the room.

If you’ve done everything right, you’ll feel a presence in the room at exactly 3.33AM. It should talk to you about your past. Some people have even said this game puts you in a lucid dream.
We can’t know until you try and share the experience. If you dare.

Ouija Board

The Ouija board is probably the most famous amongst these. The Ouija board has numbers and alphabets written on it. It’s said the board was made to summon spirits from the supernatural dimension, and it’s said that some have actually been able to summon Lucifer himself! ( Nope- not trying that one!)

Most of the researchers working on the paranormal have advised against casually using the Ouija. They say it’s a doorway to unknown dimensions and you never know what will happen if you casually use it. It’s said once you have summoned a demon or spirit, you should never ask it for proof, such as blowing candles out, or moving an object. If you do, you’ll be giving the demon permission to enter your world, and that, my friend, is something you don’t want.

One man hide and seek

The one man hide and seek originated in Japan and is originally called the Hitori Kakurenbo. It’s a game where you’re playing hide and seek with a spirit-possessed doll. You need to take a stuffed doll, remove the stuffing inside and fill it with rice. Add a part of yourself in the doll, such as a hair or a fingernail. You need to sew back the doll with a red thread. And wrap the doll with the red thread.

You need to give the doll a name, and keep it in a tub or basket filled with water. Then you should go on and turn off the lights in your house, fill your mouth with salt water and go back to look for the doll, which you may not find in the tub now. You’ll need to look for it and when you find it pour the salt water over it and burn it. And then hide. And wait. But those who’ve tried it say you won’t have to wait for long before you know someone’s looking for you in the house.

Midnight game

The most popular and commonly played game on this list, the Midnight Game takes you to extremes if you want to play. It’s believed to be an old pagan ritual that was originally used to punish those who disobeyed religion. Playing this game, you summon the Midnight Man and you need to keep running from him until 3:33AM. Make sure you don’t get caught for unspeakable horrors await if you lose.


It’s not very complicated to play this game, and it can also be played with more than one person. Just remember that those who’ve played this have strictly advised against the idea of playing it again. Some have reported hallucinating for days after playing and living in fear and misery for the rest of their lives.

Daruma – san

Daruma-san literally translates as ‘Bath Game’. It’s another game that comes from Japan. You summon a ghost or a spirit in this one too and try and evade it. The ritual for this however differs greatly. You go to the bathtub, entirely naked, with all the lights in the house turned off. You sit in the bathtub facing the tap and start washing your hair. While you’re washing your hair, you keep repeating these exact words ‘Daruma-san fell down’, over and over again.

Soon you will see an image of woman standing in front of the bathtub, facing you. She falls down on the tap and injures her eye. You keep on repeating the words and finish washing your hair. Once you finish washing your hair, you need to say these words just once, “Why did you fall in the bathtub?” Then leave and go sleep because the actual game will start the next day. You will constantly feel a presence near you but you need to keep some distance between yourself and the presence. You will always be on the run. In case you feel the presence is too near, you need to turn around, imitating a slapping movement with your hands and say “kitta!”

The hooded man

The Hooded Man is almost like the Elevator game. It takes you to another dimension. This time, you’re accompanied by the Hooded Man. You need to cleanse yourself before you can start playing this one. Burn a sage and spread salt on your front door to begin the ritual.

At night the same day, you need to go and call for a cab. Once the cab comes, you sit in it, close the doors and go to sleep. You will wake up at 3:30AM, look at the time and fall asleep again. But this time when you wake up, you’ll see a Hooded Man behind the wheels and the road you’re driving on will be unfamiliar. If some other passengers climb in the cab you should never pay attention to them.

You can keep on travelling in this new world, or you can simply whisper in the Hooded Man’s ear that you’ve reached you destination. Once you whisper these words, you’ll fall asleep again and wake up in your house.

Closet game

This game is more scary than the rest because here you’ll not be summoning a ghost or a spirit, but a full-fledged demon. For this ritual, you need to stand inside a dark closet and hold up an unlighted match. Then say out loud, “show me the light or leave in darkness.” If you hear someone whispering near you ear, light the match instantly. If you fail to light up the matchstick soon enough, it’s said that the demon will drag you into a deep dark abyss, from where there is no return.

The same can happen if you start looking around when you hear the whispering. You just need to light up the matchstick. When you light up the match, you need to step out of the closet making sure the match doesn’t burn out or blows off. But from that day on, you need to be very careful while looking for things inside you closet since now it’s haunted by a demon!

SOURCE: tapoos.com


I hope this scares you out of trying these games for shits and giggles. When you check that dark corner of your bedroom- and we all want to feel safe in our homes, right? Right- and a demon stares back, well… I speak from personal experience. The Otherworld is not a nice place. If something does end up becoming a serious problem in your home, buy some sage, a cross, even a pentacle, get a priest, scatter salt at your doors and windows, and just pray it leaves. I have witnessed spirits in my home. They have made me feel uncomfortable. It is not a game. But I hope that was fun to read!

Stay spooky!

Blessings Spiderwitch


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Demonic Possession and it’s thin grey line


Merry meet all,

I am hiding out from Hurricane Teddy. I have tea, baked treats to eat such as rhubarb crisp- the rhubarb is harvested from my own garden, and two loaves of pumpkin bread.  I watched a movie but the truth is, I go stir crazy from being forced indoors. But this is infinitely safer to be indoors. I live in the Maritimes. So during a hurricane, where there are tons of trees around and the ocean, this is the only option.

This past weekend, I attended a Mabon Ritual. I loved the ritual, especially the meditation. I found my cat in the meditation. Yes I traveled downward to a tunnel. The tiny ball of light turned big and turned into my cat. I carried her back up the tunnel and outside the World Tree. It was amazing!

I found an article on the web about demonic possession. I find it fascinating and well-written. I am happy to share it here with you, my dear readers. 

“Over the last few years, there has been a dramatic Upsurgence in claims of Demonic possession. Whilst some may have a valid issue that may not be explainable by medical science. There is a grave reaction to label all imbalances of the psyche, or emotions as a spiritual issue such as Demoniacal possession. This is the thin grey paranormal line that is tread by ignorance and fools. All too often there will be medical professionals, religious practitioners, paranormal groups, and clergy that will be too quick to jump and label something as demonic or of an other worldly influence.

  • Yoga is not demonic
  • Reiki Is Not Demonic
  • Healing Is Not Demonic
  • Bad Moods are not Demonic
  • Depression Is Not Demonic
  • Mindfulness Is Not Demonic

and so on!

Neither do any of these cause Demonic Possession. That cause and effect lies squarely at the feet of man and the choices made.

Psychology Of Demonic Possession

Granted, there are many symptoms of Demonic influence that mimic that of a medical problem, such as a psychological Imbalance or of course a psychiatric issue. However, there are many clear distinctions which separate the preternatural from the natural one. An emotional issue of anger, depression, and violent outbursts do not necessarily mean one is possessed, and there is a need for a paranormal investigator, team or priest. A cold spot that chills you to the bone may have another plausible explanations, as does some other issues, such as seeing visions or of course hearing a voice.

These are all valid issues within the medical professions that do have a psychological basis for explanation. Many people who are more spiritually minded will often look for an excuse of behavior in order to blame a preternatural force. Dr Graham C.L. Davey Ph.D. alludes to this on his article featured in Psychology Today. In this regard, many spiritualists, even medical professionals, and of course clergy, are those who believe in something more sinister or preternatural. They will shout claims of demonic influence or spirit obsession. However, we have gotten away from the real clear division of phenomena versus another form of pareidolia.

Spirit Obsession

Spirit Obsession can of course be the influence of one or more spirit entities. However, this is not Demonic. It is not an archetypal demon of a higher order. Spirits can and do influence our lives – especially those of a weaker disposition. It is not an excuse for bad behavior or emotional imbalance brought on by external trauma. We must not mix the two and instantly use excuses of evil influence.

Consequently; many mental illnesses do have some roots in spiritual imbalance, and that issue should not be overlooked when looking at mental illness that may have entered someone’s life and there are many cases of where spiritual help has indeed negated that need for medical intervention. Again, this is not a Demonic problem.

There Is A Clear Division From Demon Possession Or Oppression and Psychological Imbalance

If someone is levitating with no possible scientific explanation. Perhaps they are changing in appearance and shouting blasphemy all whilst physical manifestations are going on around you. Emanating putrid smells or bodily fluids and excrement, and not to mention that feeling of foreboding and evil that is projected to the sensitive or even non-sensitive individual. There would also be external manifestations of phenomena that would be out with the victim externally. These would be experienced in the immediate environment, and perhaps even phenomena that is directed in a highly intelligent and deliberate way. Then of course one must then begin to look at possible paranormal or imbalanced spiritual causation as a point of serious enquiry.

The Need For Discernment On Both Sides Of The Coin

One cannot be successful without the other. One cog won’t turn on its own. There has to be a relationship between something as equal in make up and force. Both of these aspects working in unison – bring about the successful movement of the cog that may then have a positive effect on the other. It is time that professionals such as the scientific, medical and spiritual community work together. Each has their own level of discernment. Whilst one aspect may work in the material plain, it is evident that there is a great gap within the non physical plain of existence and this is where perhaps the use of real mediums or those with the power of spiritual discernment should be used as the bridge between the physical, non-physical and religious.

Making False Claims Opens The Box

There are two clear dangers that one can look at as a possibility. The first is making a false diagnosis of demon influence, or possession, and that must be taken seriously. The second is to consider how much suffering it would cause to the inflicted. This could be an individual or a family, and diagnosing something as Demoniacal may cause more anxiety, and suffering.

On the other side of the coin, you have to consider the real danger of becoming the catalyst for real Infestation. You have now become one of the causing factors, and you will now have to pay the price either by directly being in the line of danger or of course allowing mother Karma to pay you a visit.

The Reality

Demonic possession is real. Spiritual obsession is real, but so is psychological imbalances, mental illness and of course forms of psychosis. It is therefore important that medical professionals begin to look toward working with professionals that are highly experienced in the spiritual field. Also, working with real professional paranormal investigators that consider all avenues of the preternatural as the natural. It is a far too dangerous field that should not be frequented by less experienced, ego-driven individuals, and groups that can leave a trail of destruction in their wake, making the thin grey line of Demoniacal Possession a reality.


J Brocas

Jock Brocas is a renowned evidential medium author and spiritual teacher. He is the founder of the ASSMPI now ISSMPI (501c3 Non-Profit) mediumship and psychical investigation agency. Jock has appeared in national media worldwide and continues to research and develop mediumship.”

I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I did. 
Stay spooky!

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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Merry meet all,

The early frost hit Halifax. I laid a frost blanket over my beans last night. This morning, I saw my breath. I stored the summer dresses in the drawer and pulled out the winter woollies. It is that time. It is our time. The Witch season has arrived. Pumpkins fill the shelves at the supermarket to adorn front porches. The leaves turn and that magical feeling/ chill is in the air. Toss your Witch hats!!! Enjoy the link to an awesome witchy song!!

The image above is a photo of my scrying mirror. Cool isn’t it?

I harvested my tomatoes, forty one in total. The tomatoes are ripening near a windowsill. I harvested the catnip. I put the plant and roots in the soil. I don’t see why I should buy a new catnip every year. The cats can’t tear it up because I set a cloche around the plant. Now the plant is sheltered from the cold while it adjusts. Later, I will lift the cloche and mulch. The plant will grow again next year. I will put it up and hang it in the planter next summer for Penny.

I read Rosemary Ellen Guiley’s book about mirror scrying. I own a scrying mirror. I am eager to begin mirror scrying. Here is an article that tells you about an ancient method of divination that is changing the way people view the world and -the dead. 

The Psychomanteum: How an Ancient Tool for Contacting the Dead is Making Breakthroughs in Paranormal Investigation


On the latest episode of Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits, Amy Bruni & Adam Berry investigate a mysterious haunted mirror in Gettysburg’s famed Farnsworth House. With help from haunted object experts Greg & Dana Newkirk, the paranormal investigators use the object to construct an ancient device meant to contact the dead: the psychomanteum.

Whether using tarot during investigations, performing classic seances, or making use of the Estes Method, sometimes its the most unique tools which provide the most intriguing responses. On Thursday’s episode of Kindred SpiritsGreg & Dana Newkirk, curators of the Traveling Museum of of the Paranormal & Occult, are drawn to construct a psychomanteum, a method of summoning the dead which has been all-but-forgotten by today’s paranormal investigators. But what exactly is a psychomanteum, and how does it work?

nekromanteionThe Nekromenteion in Epiros, Greece | via Shutterstock

Stemming from the Greek “nekromanteion”, which translates to “oracle of the dead”, the psychomanteum was such a popular method of spirit contact that they’re made reference to in the epic Homer’s Odyssey, where Odysseus speaks with his dead mother by gazing into a pit of blood. It wasn’t until the 1950s that archaeologists actually excavated one of the devices in Epiros, officially pulling the psychomanteum out of legend and into reality.

While crystal balls, mirror scrying, and other forms of chiromancy remained popular throughout the years, it wasn’t until 1993 when Dr. Raymond Moody, a researcher of near death experiences, published the book Reunions: Visionary Encounters With Departed Loved Ones and brought the psychomanteum back to life. In his book, Moody recounts how he took inspiration from Greek nekromanteions and other shamanic mirror-gazing traditions from around the world, constructing his own psychomanteum, and documenting some three-hundred individuals’ experiences with the method.

In a room blocked of all sunlight, Moody placed a chair in front of a large mirror hung on a wall which was tilted forward at a 45 degree angle, so as to obscure the gazer’s own reflection. Behind the chair was placed a low wattage lamp, meant to replicate the soft glow of a single candle. Before seating themselves in the psychomanteum, subjects were asked to focus on a loved one who had since passed. Then, the gazing session would begin. The results were astounding.



Out of the subjects, a quarter of them stated that they had made contact with the dead, seeing and even speaking with their loved ones in the mirror’s reflection. About ten percent of these subjects even said the spirits actually came out of the mirrors and touched them. In nearly a quarter of the cases, the contact with the dead didn’t occur immediately, but within 24 hours of the psychomanteum session. Even more startling, nearly every single subject strongly stated that their reunions were not fantasies or dreams, but insisted they were real events with elements of physicality.

Dr. Raymond Moody wrote that the sessions with his modern day psychomanteum weren’t just an effective method of contact with the dead, they quite literally changed the lives of the users, healing wounded relationships with the deceased and reshaping the way they saw the world.

With such a powerful tool so easy to create, why aren’t more paranormal investigators using the psychomanteum? Mostly because they don’t know the method even exists. Like many traditional methods of spirit communication, they’ve been forgotten, replaced with fancy gadgets as seen on television, or branded as “dangerous occult practices”. For this reason, The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult has spent the last several years roaming the country with a portable psychomanteum, swapping a quiet room for headphones and white noise, and educating the public on the history and practice of therapeutic mirror gazing. On the the third season three episode of Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits, that lesson will be shared with an even wider audience.

Of course, things are bound to get even stranger when you build your psychomanteum out of a gigantic haunted mirror in one of the most paranormally-active locations in the world.

KINDRED-SPIRITS-PSYCHOMENTEUM-2The psychomanteum as seen in Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits | via Greg Newkirk

“When Amy Bruni and Adam Berry phoned us a few months ago and asked us to get our butts to Pennsylvania, we were actually on the road to the Appalachian Mountains for Operation: Return the Crone,” Greg says. “Fortunately, a pit stop in Gettysburg was right along the way. When we arrived, they told us that they were dealing with a very old, and potentially very haunted mirror that the owners claimed could have been the source of the aggressive paranormal activity in their building. We already knew it was going to be a unique case, but we didn’t realize how strange it was about to get.”

With only a few days left to shoot the case, Amy & Adam were looking for a way to investigate the mirror that would yield the best results. The team immediately got to work building what might be the largest modern psychomanteum ever.

GREG NEWKIRK TRAVEL CHANNEL PSYCHOMANTERUM-KINDRED-SPIRITS-4Haunted object expert Greg Newkirk peers into the haunted mirror | via Greg Newkirk

In the episode, the group heads to the basement, which the owners had styled to represent a traditional Civil War era funeral, and gingerly began to tilt the massive mirror to a 45-degree angle. Once it was safe and secure, Greg placed a bowl of water beneath the mirror – a step that Dr. Raymond Moody had left out of his modern psychomanteum (the Greeks would often gaze into the water’s reflection in the place where the mirror made contact with the water). Once everything was secure, he lit a single candle behind the designated gazing seat, and hit the lights.

Adding one more twist to contraption, it was decided that both Dana and Amy would use the psychomanteum at the same time. Not only was it big enough, but having two gazers would help confirm or negate the visions presented in the mirror as merely hallucinations… or something more.


We won’t spoil the episode for you, except to say you’ll be shocked at the outcome.

Tune in to Travel Channel tonight at 10PM EST to catch the whole investigation on Kindred Spirits. If you’re a member of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult (and you should be), you can join Greg & Dana Newkirk at 11:15PM EST for a live post-episode discussion in the Super Secret Museum Member Facebook group.


Credit to website read://http_weekinweird.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fweekinweird.com%2F2019%2F02%2F07%2Fpsychomanteum-haunted-mirror-contact-dead-kindred-spirits%2F


Stay spooky!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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The Horrors of Beach Army Hospital

Merry meet all,

I gathered four ripening Chinese Lanterns and two purple beans from the garden this morning. I spied a bean growing on my leafy scarlet runner bean vines. My tomatoes are growing nicely. The garden is winding down for autumn and the frost. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. 

Here’s a good ghost story for the day. I wish I could investigate this spot. I am so jealous. Read on to find out why I am almost green with envy. 


The Dormant Horrors of Beach Army Hospital

Those in the paranormal community are a thorough bunch. They leave no stone unturned, no forest unsearched, and no dark corner of any state unexplored. They’ve outed every ghost, documented every haunt, explored every rumor and shrapnel of mythical lore, and yet, here I find myself, alone in the damp and crumbling halls of a building for which no record exists and no investigator has ever truly set foot in. Here, on the periphery of the Mineral Wells city limits, abandoned in the barren fields of this dreary town; I am alone in the Beach Army Hospital.

Beach Army Hospital Researched

I’ve done my research, and the only indisputable fact I can spew about this building is that in the eyes of the world, it might as well not even exist. There are no videos of overnight hunts, no independent publications or blogs that have been written, and no record of it’s past with the Mineral Wells Chamber of Commerce. It once served as an installation of the Fort Wolters Military base. It was a hospital devoted to treating active-duty military personnel, but when Fort Wolters shuttered its doors at the end of the Vietnam War, so too did this facility. So here it has sat since the early 1970s, and here I stand in 2020. The first paranormal investigator ever granted access to the structure in nearly half a century.

I stumbled upon this enigmatic situation at the behest of Brett Hobson, the owner of Beach Army Hospital, LLC. In an effort to help fund the hospital’s renovations, Hobson wants to open the doors of Beach Army Hospital for the world to see and wants to do so by allowing private overnight ghost hunts of the facility to any team brave enough to venture to its location.

The dark Past

The site of countless deaths, due to the building’s operation as a hospital. There is also the looming threat of something sinister. Hobson and his family had the misfortune of discovering the building had been used as the destination for numerous satanic rituals. They discovered pentagrams and upside-down crosses painted on the walls of a former patient’s bedroom. According to Hobson, the energy inside the room was so strong “the family dog nearly jumped out of the second-story window when brought in there.”

While there is no doubt in my mind that Beach Army Hospital will quickly prove itself to be amongst the most haunted locations in Texas, if not the country, it’s the spotlight in the paranormal community that will be short-lived. With construction on the building set to begin later this fall, there will only be a few months open for investigators to explore the inside of the building. Then it will close and at that time it will become the Perfect Technician Academy – a local trades training school catering to the veteran community – has announced they will be leasing the building for their own use. What’s more, with the spirits inside having had no interaction with the living in decades, those few months of investigations are poised to yield some utterly groundbreaking evidence of spirits who are eager to make themselves known.

Voices Heard

The disembodied voices of men and women linger in the stairways and halls. The blackened apparitions of former patients can be seen lurking in shadowed corners. The shuffling of phantom footsteps can be heard all around you, and the resident poltergeists are quick to move objects before your very eyes. All of this evidence and more deserve to be captured, and it will be up to you and your team to do so. Visit The Haunted Historian (@haunted.historian) on Instagram for a link to the locations website for bookings, and prepare to conduct an investigation unlike any you’ve ever done before. Happy hunting!”

Indeed, I wish I could be there. 

Credit to: read://https_paranormaldailynews.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fparanormaldailynews.com%2Fthe-dormant-horrors-of-beach-army-hospital%2F2243%2F

Links to more spooky tales to tickle your eerie fancy!!

The most haunted mirrors in the world!

Stay spooky!!
Blessings, Spiderwitch


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