Lammas Feasts

Merry meet all,

Oh the heat. If  only it would rain. I know I would love it. I want to dance in the rain, my arms outstretched, dancing to a weather spell. The heat right now is inescapable, and so tiring. 

I just watered my parched garden. I am sure my garden appreciates the water quenching the roots and leaves. If I were a plant, I would. If gardens aren’t watered each day, then the roots are forced to reach down deeper for water. As a result, they suffer. It is better to water a garden regularly. That way, the roots are moist, and the plants like those conditions. Then plants are less stressed. 

Speaking of plants, Lughnasadh is almost here! This is my favorite time of year. It reminds me that time changes. I mean it is cruelly baking hot right now here but eventually autumn will arrive. (It could hurry up and bring the cooler temperatures with it, I would not object.)


A few ways to celebrate Lammas/ Lughnasadh are:

bake bread, enjoy wine, harvest from your garden or indoor garden or container garden, enjoy a special dinner or do a ritual at your altar. The ritual can be either solitary or with a coven. 

Now’s the time to gather berries, an extra bag of flour, fresh herbs and cheese. They add flavor and spice to any meal. Focus on abundance and what you reaped during this time. 

Enjoy Lughnusadh


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The Origins of Lughnasadh

Merry meet all,

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Lammas. It’s the first of the three autumn harvest Sabbats, the other two being Mabon and Samhain. Lughnasadh falls almost halfway between the summer solstice and autumn equinox. The grains dry, the plants drop seeds and the corn is harvested. Lammas originated as a Saxon holiday, a celebration of the harvest of grain. The God of grain dies so the people may live. 

Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nas-ə), also known as Lammas, is the first of the three Pagan autumn harvest festivals, the other two being the autumnal equinox (or Mabon) and Samhain. The Celtic name Lughnasadh is used in some traditions to designate this holiday. Lughnasadh is sometimes referred to as August Eve.

The name of the holiday derives from Old Gaelic and is a combination of Lugh, a Celtic god, and násad, or assembly.

The holiday honors Lugh, the Celtic god of light, but it also celebrates his mythical foster mother Tailtiu, who is said to have cleared the lands of Ireland to make way for the planting of crops.

Lughnasadh makes up one of four Celtic cross-quarter festivals; Imbolc, the beginning of spring, Bealtaine, the beginning of summer and Samhain, the beginning of winter.

The origins of Lughnasadh

“The celebration of Lughnasadh has been of great importance in Ireland since prehistoric times. In early Irish literature of Irish Mythology the festival has been named after the pagan sun god, Lugh Lámhfhada, who took his name after the month of August, Lúnasa in Irish.

Lugh, once a High King of Ireland, was a youthful fierce warrior and a leader of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He was a master in all skills including the arts and crafts and truth, oaths and the law who fathered the famous Irish warrior Cu Chulainn.

Lugh’s foster-mother, Tailtiu, died on August 1 from exhaustion after clearing the plains of Ireland for farming. She was buried under a mound in an area known today as Teltown, County Meath (an area between Kells and Meath).

To honor his mother, Lugh held the first Óenach, or Aonach, the bringing of people together to commemorate a death. It became known as Óenach Tailten, occurring in the last fortnight of July and the first fortnight of August.

Óenach Tailten brought the Irish Kings together, to a landscape of governance in Meath, and under a truce would settle disputes between each other.

Honoring the dead was extremely important to the ancient Irish, as it is today, so more Óenach’s started occurring in various locations in Ireland.

The date of the first Óenach Tailten is often debated but may have been as early as the Neolithic period. The last Óenach was held during the time of the time Norman Invasion.

Customs celebrating Lughnasadh

Hilltops, mountains, and on riverbanks are the main locations to celebrate Lughnasadh. Festivities included feasts with the newly harvested crops, making of bread, entertainment with music and dance, matchmaking, trading, and competitive sporting games, most notably the Tailteann Games where there would have been displays of wrestling, spear throwing, running, long and high jump and horse racing. There were also contests of storytelling and gold smithery.

As with other seasonal festivals, celebrations included bonfires, likely to honor the sun god and to give praise for the good weather. The pagan marriage ritual of hand-fasting would have taken place at these festivals where a couple would be bound together with ribbon and could have a trial marriage lasting a year and a day. (Possibly the origin of the term tying the knot).

Modern Day Customs

Lughnasadh is still celebrated in Ireland today such as as the Auld Lammas Fair in county Antrim. Celebrated towards the end of August its where people will wander through the markets eating the traditional Yellow Man.

There is also a celebration at Carrickfergus Castle with reenactments of how daily life would have been lived. You can also expect to see traditional festivals in Gaoth Dobhair, Sligo, Brandon, and Rathangan. The most popular is Puck Fair in Killorglin county Kerry that dates back to the 16th Century and has its roots in Lughnasadh.

The mountain pilgrimage Croagh Patrick in County Mayo takes place each year. The pilgrimage attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims who hike the mountain in their bare feet.  The Church blesses the fields during Lughnasadh. Some organizations, such as Shannon Heritage, also hold events to mark Lughnasadh.

We may never see the full extent of what the Óenach Tailten would have been really like. However, we should remember how important these events were and still are in Irish society.”

Credit to the website –

In other news, Teamworks has worked another miracle in my life. I am happy to announce that they are funding a mentorship for me. An editor will work closely on my novel with me. After that, it will be more prepared for publication. This is awesome news. 

I wish you all a memorable bountiful Lughnasadh!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch




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Electric Frequencies

Merry meet all,

It is so muggy here today. The sweat is just pouring off me. Ugh. 

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Lammas! The harvest Sabbat is about to begin. I can’t wait because of course, I have a garden. I would love to know what you are all planning on harvesting in your gardens this summer. Please do leave a comment or two below. 

I recently ordered a K II-EMF meter from Amazon. I am so excited and serious about ghost hunting. The device is designed to help detect ghosts, except I can detect insects in here more than ghosts. I blame that on the humidity. The device is meant to detect electromagnetic frequencies. I am eager to use the EMF meter in my home, especially in my broom closet. I believe it is haunted as fuck (as is the rest of my apartment). 

I also want to take the EMF meter to the witch shop which is believed to be haunted. 

Unfortunately, EMF meters don’t have enough hard scientific proof that they can detect actual ghosts. The EMF meters detect electromagnetic frequencies which is why I will hold the device nowhere near any electricity. But it can detect anomalies. 

I still want to try it. I want to hold it near the doll that was witness to a murder. I sensed her energy. The doll lives at the witch shop at the sacred altar. She may still have a certain energy to her since she has a traumatic past. There is nothing that would radiate a certain frequency. I can’t wait to get it in the mail. 

I plan to obtain other ghost hunting tools but this is the first step. I want to get a good quality flashlight, and I already own a digital camera, I want a spirit box and a digital voice recorder. So I am getting there. I don’t have to spend a fortune -and neither does anyone else. 

I do plan to conduct my own investigations such as at the Five Fishermen restaurant. The restaurant is another spectral hot spot for ghosts. That should be fun. I would like to be more professional and go ghost hunting all the time for people. Maybe that will come with time. 

I eagerly await the arrival of my EMF meter ghost hunting device. Let the hunting begin!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch

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Summer Tides

Merry meet all,

I am so happy that I passed the rigorous copy editing certification course! I graduated with a score of 88%! The passing grade was 84%! 

I also graduated from the online Paranormal Investigations course with a grade of 92%! So it feels good to have done well in both online courses! 

Here is a good chilling story about the Red Ghost. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 

The Devil Rode Here

“The majority of things covered on the blog have thus far been fairly modern reports. What is rare, is finding a ghost story from the 1890’s. What is even rarer, is one that includes vicious beasts, murder, and the Devil himself.

In 1890’s Arizona, small farms and settlers found themselves at the center of an attack from a Hell Beast.

Late one evening, a wife was out gathering laundry from the line, her husband off hunting, and her sister in law waited in the small farm house. As a storm roiled in the distance, a sound could be heard just above the thunder, hooves. A scream was the next sound to cut through the storm.

The Sister in law ran to the window in time to see the source of the scream. She reported to the husband who returned home shortly after, what she had seen.

“It was huge, all black, and red. It made a horrible stamping noise, and…it was ridden by the Devil himself!”

The husband moved outside where he then found the corpse of his dear wife. As reported in the local paper. “It was as if she had been trampled by an entire cavalry.”

Now, with nothing more than vengeance on his mind, the husband set out to hunt down this creature. he enlisted a family friend, and they rode off in the suspected direction of the creature.

Coming across the next homestead, they were shocked to receive their next report of the soon to be known,

“Red Ghost”

The settler, an older gentlemen stated. “Yes, I saw it, it was huge, two horses tall at least.”

The man’s details also matched as far as color, and the fact that the creature was indeed ridden by a demon or devil, a skeletal body. The story gets even stranger with his next response.

“I chased it as far as I could, but it made it to ridge and…it jumped. I saw it fly off of that ridge!”

So to clarify, these two gentlemen were now on the trail of a 15-20 ft tall, red and black creature, ridden by a demon. Also, it could now fly. they had their work cut out for them I would say. Not disturbed by the reports, the men continued. Days of ground tracking as well as meeting multiple people claiming to have seen the beast, finally came to an end.

The closer the men seemed to get, the more elusive the beast became. As they contemplated turning and heading home, the husband noticed movement ahead. Ahead of them, through the brush on a creek bed, he exclaimed. “There’s our Ghost!”

The men opened fire with rifles and shotguns. The beast still hidden in the underbrush let out a blood curdling noise, completely unfamiliar to the men. However, they could tell that the guns were indeed working on the hell spawn. The men ran after the now fleeing creature, and continued firing. Eventually the creature reeled back, letting out another deep growl, and collapsed.

The men rushed over, ready to finish off the monster, but it had relented to the wounds. the men were beyond shocked at what lay before them. The large creature donned in red and black cloth was a far cry from the reports. On the ground in front of the men lay… a camel.

That is correct, The beast the men had chased across the country side was in fact a feral camel. Only growing stranger, the story takes a turn. Strapped to the camel was a body, now mainly bones and ragged cloth. The remains were strapped so tightly to the camel that even in deep stage decomposition it remained strapped to the poor creature. The ranchers inspected the creature, seeing that the straps used for the body had cut into the skin of the Camel. this led the men to believe, that a mix of hunger, stress, and pain had led the beast into some type of feral frenzy.

Apparently. during the 1800’s camels were shipped into different places throughout the Southwest. Seen as better suited for the desert style climate, they were viewed as a necessity, as a pack animal. However, with the advent of the rail roads, and their expansion West, the camels were no longer needed. So for quite a while there were actual herds of wild camels roaming the wild west.

Sadly, it seems one of them was the victim of some sad event. This still does not explain some of the reports though. So maybe this was the red ghost, or maybe the real Red Ghost is still out there somewhere. We may never know.”

Copied from the website. 

I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer. Don’t let the pandemic ruin it for you. Stay safe and be well. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch


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Ghosts, Spirits & Specters Volume 2 HellBound Books

Merry meet all,

Hooray!! HellBound Books published my short story, How the Crow Flies, in their anthology Ghosts, Spirits and Specters Volume 2. I am so excited!!

“This second volume in our popular anthology series is a superlative collection of fifteen spine-chilling, marrow-icing ghost stories that will have you hiding beneath the covers and reaching for the comfort of your nightlight’s glow.
Featuring tales of the otherworldly by:
Lee Glenwright, Davis Pratt, Derek Muk,
TS Alan, Nicholas Beishline, Marvin Brown, Kenneth Bykerk, Dustin Chisam, Alison Cybe, Virginia Elizabeth Hayes, Heddy Johannesen, Sylvia Son, Carl Alves, Thomas Kodnar, and Patrick W. Gibson
Release: May 8th 2020
Pages: 320
$14.99 Paperback”

Here is the link if you want to buy a copy or two. I hope you enjoy this fine book and read it on your Kindle or in paperback.

How the Crow Flies is a story about a young male janitor who receives a strange talisman from a patient at the mental hospital where he works. Soon after, strange things start happening. He doesn’t know if the nightmares he suffers are his imagination… or are real. I can’t wait to read the other stories. I ordered the book from Amazon. The book should arrive today or tomorrow. 

The stories sound scary! I am so excited to be a part of this. I hope you all take the time to read it and let me know what you think of the book. 

In other news, Litha is around the corner! Here in Halifax, the stores have all reopened. I miss my friends but I know I shall see them soon. My garden is blossoming beautifully. 

My landlord has increased my rent. Sorry I know I should post more on this blog but I was super stressed. I hope to iron out the details of how I shall pay the increased rent. I hope I hear back from some sources soon such as the rent supplement and arts grant I applied for. If I move, it would mean leaving my garden behind. That is upsetting but if worse comes to worse, my Mom said she would take my plants. Well yeah but I want to grow them here. I worked so hard on this garden. We shall see what the future brings me. 

Litha is the Summer Solstice. Litha is when the sun reaches its zenith in the sky. It is the longest day of the year. Litha is also known as Midsummer. Its one of the lesser Wiccan sabbats. 

Litha (Midsummer, Gathering Day, Summer Solstice, Alban Heffyn, Feill-Sheathain)
Incense: Sage, mint, basil, Saint John’s Wort, sunflower, Lavender
Decorations: Dried herbs, potpourri, seashells, summer flowers, and fruits.
Colours: blue, green, and yellow
The Fire Festival of Litha
Midsummer or the Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year for the Sun God. Because this Sabbat glorifies the Sun God and the Sun, fire plays a very prominent role in this festival. The element of Fire is the most easily seen and immediately felt element of transformation. It can burn, consume, cook, shed light or purify and balefires still figure prominently at modern Midsummer rites.
Most cultures of the Northern Hemisphere mark Midsummer in some ritualised manner and from time immemorial people have acknowledged the rising of the sun on this day. At Stonehenge, the heelstone marks the midsummer sunrise as seen from the centre of the stone circle.

In ancient times, the Summer Solstice was a fire-festival of great importance when the burning of balefires ritually strengthened the sun. It was often marked with torchlight processions, by flaming tar barrels or by wheels bound with straw, which were set alight and rolled down steep hillsides. The Norse especially loved lengthy processions and would gather together their animals, families and lighted torches and parade through the countryside to the celebration site.
The use of fires, as well as providing magical aid to the sun, were also used to drive out evil and to bring fertility and prosperity to men, crops and herds. Blazing gorse or furze was carried around cattle to prevent disease and misfortune; while people would dance around the balefires or leap through the flames as a purifying or strengthening rite. The Celts would light balefires all over their lands from sunset the night before Midsummer until sunset the next day. Around these flames the festivities would take place.
In Cornwall up to the mid 18th century the number and appearance of fires seen from any given point was used as a form of divination and used to read the future.
Astronomically, it is the longest day of the year, representing the God at full power. Although the hottest days of the summer still lie ahead, from this point onward we enter the waning year, and each day the Sun will recede from the skies a little earlier, until Yule, when the days begin to become longer again.
Agriculturally, the crops are in full growth. They are reaching the pinnacles of maturity and coming closer to the harvest time. Most wild herbs are fully mature by Midsummer and this is the traditional time for gathering magickal and medicinal plants to dry and store for winter use. In Wales, Midsummer is called Gathering Day in honour of this practice.
Magical Aspects
Since this sabbat revolves around the sun, a candle should be lit for the entire day, especially if it is cloudy or raining. The fire represents the sun and is a constant daily reminder of the power of the God. Rituals should be performed at noon, when the sun is highest in the sky. The best rituals to perform on Midsummer are those dealing with masculine issues, masculine energies, or issues dealing with solar influence.
Many pagans choose to make protective amulets, in the week before the Sabbat, which are later empowered over the Midsummer balefire. Some witches choose to bury their protective amulets each Midsummer’s eve and construct new ones. Rue, rowan and basil, tied together in a white or gold cloth, is a good protective trio that can be carried in your pocket year round.
Midsummer is the time to formalize any relationship and couples that have been together a year and a day since the previous Beltane can make their marriage final. This Sabbat is also an excellent time to re-new wedding vows.
Midsummer Incense
Sage, mint, basil, Saint John’s Wort, sunflower, mistletoe (specifically the berries which represent semen), oak, rowan, and fir.
Suggested activities for Litha:
*Rededication to the Lord and Lady
*Divination related to romance and love
*Light a white candle in front of a mirror and say your own Lithia prayer over it, then allow the candle to burn out.
*Float paper boats with blessings on a river/stream to bring luck and love to whatever may find it, or to the land.
*Singing and dancing around a bonfire
*Outdoor picnic feasts
*Create crowns out of flowers


I hope you all continue to celebrate Litha in your own safe way. 

Blesssed Be, Spiderwitch


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Spooky Inspirations


Spooky Inspirations
May 31, 2020 / ladyspiderwitch

Here are ideas on how to create a spooky novel!
I recommend the following books such as On Writing by Stephen King, On Writing Horror- the collection of essays by the Horror Writers Association, and Writing the Paranormal Novel- Techniques and Exercises by Steven Harper. These books go into real detail about the paranormal. Within this genre, there is more freedom to create what you want whether that be a sparkly vampire, toothy werewolf, or chain rattling ghost.

After you read these books, highlight the advice, and incorporate the advice into your writing. For a good story about a ghoul of choice to be believed, it must be believable and written well. All stories benefit from good writing. Be consistent about the traits, superpowers, or awesome abilities your monster has. We all know vampires hate garlic and sleep in coffins, but maybe a coffin-shaped bookcase could be their nesting habit during the daytime.

Read widely in your chosen genre. That will let you know what has already been written by other authors.

Buy a new set of highlighters, pens, white out, a binder, paper, and a fresh bag of coffee. Do what it takes to make you commit to the writing for the long haul.
Clean your writing/ office space. Light some sage and clean the energy to allow for the creative energies to flow unimpeded. Light a candle or incense. Play music that inspires you as you create your ghoul or axe-wielding maniac. Create a special playlist and soundtrack. Know your monster! Make it consistent and believable.
Keep a routine when you sit down to work on your story.

Reach into the deepest darkest part of your imagination. Free write a scene of confrontation between your protagonist and your monster. Or the monster is the protagonist? These days your demon or ghoul needs to be ORIGINAL. Everything in the paranormal novel has been done … or has it? That part is up to you. It must be original. If you are seeking more inspiration, read the paper. Clip and keep newspaper articles. For example, I published a short story about pumpkins that can eat people. The vines can extend themselves and the pumpkins were toothy and bloodthirsty. Talk about a real twist on our favorite squashes!

But by allowing yourself to imagine, you may invent something that no one has done before. That is a huge advantage in the field of writing and publishing. Being original and true to your monster is extremely important. The world wants to read a story that has never been written before. They do not want thirty knockoffs of It or The Babaduk.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. It might spark an idea or two and you would then be on your way to writing a gothic novel like Northanger Abbey or something like the Pit and the Pendulum by Poe.
Good Luck!

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Merry meet all,

Are you all coping with this lockdown? It’s not easy for me either. I have worked on my garden. I am busy with my copyeditor course. I get lonely but I am still here. 

For those of you who are goth witches or just gothic style inclined. have you heard about Killstar? I ordered a lot of stuff from the online shop. I love Killstar. They are my guilty pleasure. I ordered a beautiful pair of witchy platform lace up boots, a pentagram belt, a kickass cardigan that reads Purr Evil, a sexy dress, a black veil, witchy cookie cutters, socks and another dress. Yeah I love Killstar. It can be googled. Ya might check your bank account first before perusing their awesome witchy wares and try to remain grounded. Don’t spend unless you can afford it. 

Speaking of witchy and dark, I have good news!!!!!

Drumroll, please!

HellBound Books published my short story, How the Crow Flies, in Ghosts, Spirits and Specters Volume 2!!! I am so excited. Here is the link if you want to purchase a copy!

I am excited about this! I am honored. My story is about a man who gets a talisman from a crazy mental hospital patient. The talisman brings him bad fortune in the form of a hag who torments him at night as he sleeps. I had a hard time getting that published. But now I am happy that it is! Now I have 3 short stories published and one of them was published 4 times in total. I am very proud of that. 

I’m still making Penny famous on Instagram. It is working so far. She is so beautiful. Her personality shows in the images. 

I hope this lockdown ends soon. I can’t endure this much longer. I am sure my dear readers are getting a little squirrely. feeling pent up. I understand. I haven’t seen my friends in weeks much less talked to them online. It has been hard for all of us. 

My tooth is broken and probably needs to be extracted. My witchy bling purse has a busted zipper. I could go on and on. I need candle wick. But oh no, we are all wrapped up in this cocoon of paranoia and social distancing. I wonder who this is all truly benefitting because it is not the small people. That is for certain. It must be the government. 

Health and safety blessings to all!!





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My Indoor Spring Garden

Merry meet all,

Merry Beltane!1

I am happily planning and preparing for my garden. I started seeds indoors. Like…a  lot of seeds. Also, my garden perennials are sprouting and budding. I am so excited. I feel a lot happier even though we are in pandemic lock down. Somehow it is more bearable since spring has wondrously arrived. 

The photo above shows how serious I am about my garden.

Today was a productive day. I was out in my garden all day. I found the spot where I planted potato slips-or some of them. They were wrong side up. I turned my compost pile- it stinks!! Must be making the bugs happy. Wasps and bees buzzed for food. Birds flew from tree to tree and feeder to feeder. Penny of course observed all. I planted green peas today. I bleached out a planter (where I always grow peas and beans.) It is harder for slugs. I heard from a neighbor that it would rain. So after putting the peas in the soil and tamping them down, and arranging them haphazardly (lol), I scattered dead leaves over the top soil to protect the seeds from the rain-and birds! I set the planter of pea seeds out in full sun. Mm I also bought fertilizer, more seeds- beets, peas (2 packages), nasturtiums, sunflowers. I bought a jiffy pro greenhouse pack of 72 peat pots. The pots expand when you add water! I then planted a few seeds in each pot once expanded. It was so cool. I dumped the peat pot water out in my garden. then returned inside to painstakingly plant sunflower, cucumber, lettuce, pumpkin, basil, catnip, dill, strawberry popcorn, elecampagne, and tomatoes. I wrote down what I planted and where in the tray. Good idea right? Yeah and yes you can grow popcorn. 

So now the peat pot tray is out of direct sunlight until germination. Fuck off corvid 19 I am a busy woman. My hands were brown today!

 I cut up a sweet potato and stuck 4-5 toothpicks in each slice of a sweet potato and suspended 2 sweet potato slices over jars and bowls of water. Once slips are full grown and the frost is past, I shall plant them!! The sprouts are up in the carrot tops. I don’t get a new carrot but I do get the leafy green tops which I can use in soups or salads. 

I also have  a celery bottom in a bowl of water. Sprouts are emerging now though they are tiny. I hope the sweet potato slips grow. I put thick books beneath the starter pots to let them get more sunlight. Every day more buds sprout and they get bigger every day. 

I do believe that the May long weekend is the end of the frost. I can’t wait to get planting. I bought a big beautiful bleeding heart today. The plant had a long stem and had already bloomed. I planted the bleeding heart a little while ago. I love spring! 

I saved most of my eggshells over the fall and winter. I shall add the crumbled shells to my plants this summer. I bought new fertilizers on top of my older ones. I now have a new bottle of Miracle Gro and a new package of organic bone meal. I saved my fertilizers from last year. That should keep my plants healthy and productive. I bet you can all tell I am eager to garden. 

You can still garden during the pandemic lockdown. It just takes more foresight and thought. I bought a coir planter that I hope to grow lettuce in. It has a hook. I will hang it up to keep the slugs out! 

The birds are busy at the bird feeder. Once it is full, the competition is on. Well I know that if I offer food, they will come. A mouse dug himself a hole near the bird feeder and is likely enjoying  the free supply of seed! I hope he survives the cats that patrol the neighborhood. He survived the winter, probably because I kept the feeder full. Maybe he hibernated. 

Well many spring blessings to you alL!

I am off to enjoy dinner!!

Blessed Be, Spiderwitch


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Merry meet all,

I have been busy recently. I worked in my garden! I am excited about that. I have started lots of seeds in the jiffy peat pots- 72 in total. I am hoping to soon grow herbs and veggies. I bought a peat pot tray that holds 72 peat pots in total. I watered the pots which expanded. That was so exciting to me. Then I filled each small damp peat pot with seeds. I then left the tray in the dark for a f ew days. But today I checked on them and I thought I saw mold. I left the tray on my counter and removed the lid. I now have two tiny seedlings!! I think it is two tiny elecampagne seedlings or of yellow mustard. I am so excited. 

I cleaned my garden and planted peas in a planter. I left the planter outside but I left leaves on the surface to shield the seeds from the cold and birds. Tomorrow I will check on the seeds. Peas like the cold temperatures but there was snow. The frost date is soon. I won’t set out any more plants until the frost passes on May 8. My perennials are growing! It is so good to see my garden again. I am cheered by my garden despite this insufferable lockdown. 

Another bit of news that has cheered me is that Teamworks has funded a copyediting course for me. This is awesome. There is no way it would have been possible for me to take the course if they hadn’t funded it. They are also buying me the book The Chicago Manual of Style. I am ordering the Associated Press Style book. I can’t expect them to pay for everything. I also ordered a dictionary that the instructor of the course will refer to. 

I can finally get a job doing copy editing for people after this. I am so happy to finally be out from under. I have also bought and downloaded Scrivener. I received the benefit from the government because of the pandemic (which to me is such a hoax). That is my opinion. I am excited to work on my novel using the renowned Scrivener. I bought a printer and an external hard drive. 

I guess I can’t call myself a luddite anymore. No more commutes to the library or to my evil mother’s place for printing jobs. No more watching disrespectful teens get arrested who never learned how to shut their mouths. I can print finally from my own home. I am in more control now. It feels very very good. 

It feels so good to have a printer, which I bought at Walmart. They sell printers at Staples but it is too expensive. So I am happier these days. I can print from home if I need to instead of riding the bus to the library. I can have a coffee here instead of paying $3 every time or nearly every time I go there. No more of the depending on others. A thing of the past. 

I am participating in a free live training to learn Scrivener tomorrow! I look forward to it. I hope you have all been healthy and well. I hope this weird as fuck lockdown is over soon. It denies us our basic human rights. 

I also have all the fabric pieces I need to finish making my cosplay pattern- the nightfell herbalist costume. I have everything I need but there are still big changes I have to make before I sew the sleeves and skirt on. I can handle it though. I have a new sewing machine. !!

Spring is good despite this infuriating lockdown.

Blessed Be, Spiderwitch 



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The Power of Persistence

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Ask anyone who knows me, and they will all agree about a quality I am famous for: my persistence. Any writer worth his or her salt should be persistent. I want to talk about persistence in this post.

It takes a lot of guts to be a writer and send your writing into the world. But when you do, you risk receiving rejections. Yes, the dreaded rejection slip that comes in the mailbox or via email makes a writer’s heart sink deeper than the Titanic. It takes a lot to escape the downward spiral of depression post rejection.

But in order to succeed, you must overcome the fear of rejection and learn how to conquer it to get an acceptance letter. I have more than a few rejection letters of my own. I have not wallpapered my walls with them, but I do receive them. I just file them away…

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